One More Thought Before Retiring To Bed For the Night

Dear Diary is not the only journal I write my thoughts down but this is my public place of writing and that will remain that way as long as Dear Diary exists. I am glad to be here and be a part of many other diarists who enjoy writing for public, friends only, and private use. I love it here very much. Anyway … I feel I have for the past three weeks now I have neglected to write in my more private journal but that is nothing new really. I have missed several weeks of writing in journals before in my private world just as much as being here for a few years. I do not even remember exactly when I found Dear Diary and became a writer here anymore, either but I believe it has been almost ten years now I believe. Well, time for me to go to bed now.

My Day

It has been quite a day — the afternoon was busy and now the afternoon has turned into evening and bed time is not that far away now. We had our Christmas dinner this afternoon at TM. We had a nice turn out and the music program was very good as well. Have not seen Joe and the Country Classics in a long time so seeing them today was awesome. Joe still has his Bronco and now has a new horse he rides since Bronco has a bad knee and cannot ride him anymore. Bronco is the same horse that Mr. Ed was on the Mr. Ed show back in the 60s with Alan Young and Connie Hines. Anyway… dinner was delicious and very good. There was turkey, ham, sweet potato, mashed potato and gravy, vegetables, and pasta salad, and of course Christmas cookies and brownies. I had a good time chatting with friends and neighbors. I was able to sit at the reserved table with the manager, two other tenants who work in the building, the manager’s boss and his wife, and daughter, and his daughter’s husband to be next year — fiance. Now since it is evening and bedtime is just around the corner, I am glad the day is over and tomorrow — Sunday — will be another day. My day today was good, I had fun, and now it is time for me to say good night and God bless.