After My Friends Left

I did not go to bed right away after my friends left. I decided to stay up a little longer and surf the internet some more and then retire for the night. I did not retire to bed until 2 a.m., and at that point found sleep still hard to find. My company had somewhat got me so wired from their visit, lol. My mind was spinning a bit with Christmas thoughts and wonderment that Christmas is not that far away from December 5 — twenty days away. I watched a recorded program on my DVR box before retiring … leaving Bing sound asleep in the desk chair.

Company, Internet, Christmas Tree, and Christmas Movies

After eating, I had come over to help put up my Christmas tree and visit. As my friends were here, cake and ice cream was served in the community room and an attendee came over with ice cream and cake — coming back with two more plates for my friends which I personally thought was very nice. As my friends were here, we chatted, surfed the internet on both my IMac and my laptop — NO ONE on my laptop but myself, putting up my Christmas tree, and some Christmas decorations, and watching the Santa Clause movies – Santa Clause, SC2, and SC3. It was an afternoon and evening of fun. By 10 p.m., my friends and I were getting hungry and tired or just plain tired. I was the one who was getting tired, lol. Had already eaten supper with my friends. My friends left around 12 midnight.