Back Home

Got home in record time — sooner than was intended actually. In fact , just like November 21st, Grandma and I had no hitches at all getting off the plane, getting our baggage at the baggage claim spot and getting to the bus shuttle center. We were able to get on the bus at 4 p.m. and got back to Janesville, Wisconsin at 5:55 p.m.. I am so HAPPY to be home now!!!!! YAY!

Heading Home to Wisconsin

Grandma and I leave Arkansas today and head back home to Wisconsin. I have missed Bing Crosby the cat very much and tonight I am going to be sleeping on my own bed with Bing Crosby nearby. Hopefully, along with getting here with no hitches, no hitches will be the case on today’s travels back home. I am feeling excited about returning home to be with my Bing Crosby cat, see my neighboring friends, and sleep in my own bed again after nine days. In the same breath, though, I already miss my parents and their two dogs and two cats. I am feeling a little off right now.