November Has Begun @ a Rocky Start For Me

November has begun @ a rocky start for me I have noticed. I am easily pissed off and frustrated right now. I am not sure if it is so because of the fact that November has come and winter is on its way and winter is one of the hardest seasons for me to contend with out of the entire year. I am, at this time, that understanding that I am doing my best here to be happy and less frustrated right now. So many changes have happened in a short span of time and everything in the past three weeks have happened so fast that it made my head spin very fast. Even today my ears hummed their annoying whirring sound that indicated that I have a sinus infection starting that I am now being treated for as of 1 a.m. this morning after going to urgent care at our hospital. I will be okay, though. I get sinus and ear infections often like urinary tract infections now-a-days. I am having trouble typing today, lol. That is not new either. I will survive this month and next month, and the winter.

November 3rd

I have a sinus infection and taking an antibiotic for it now. Today I inquired about the H1N1 virus protection and at this time I am not getting the shot due to the need of the shot is given to babies 6 months to 4 years of age and pregnant women. I called the Rock County Health department to find this out and in my case, I am at high risk myself due to the fact that I am a kidney transplant recipient of 22 years this March 2010. Honestly, I am disappointed how the health department works with high risk patients right now. The healthcare portion of things seem to bother a lot of people right now. I do not dare leave my apartment unless I really have to now. I am very good at secluding myself from the outside world. We have reported cases of H1N1 hitting some church members of my church I attend and so my heart goes out to. those people right now. The swine flu has been reported in Wisconsin not too long ago before these cases have been noted. The swine flu is very scary for a lot of people now. It is scaring me right now. I hope I do not get it!!!