Still Up — Late

Very seldom do I stay up late anymore but right now I am watching, now the 3rd part of Rose Red. Then I plan on retiring for the night — I think so anyway, lol. I am not even tired right now really. It is like I got my second wind a while ago — probably can blame it on the movie pus also I was not sure where I stood with someone in my life until a little before 11 p.m. CST. My heart has been put at ease now since and I am okay. Yep, still up, and yep, it is late but I will be okay. I do not stay up late anymore now a days. I was thinking earlier — yep, thinking and that is dangerous for me, lol, what this movie, Rose Red has impacted me tonight … mystery and horror. No. Just strangeness is more like it and I have seen this movie — I believe 3 times now. The actors and actresses are awesome in this movie, especially Kimberly J Brown who plays an autistic teenager with other power that some people understand but are confused. One person can talk to her in a normal sense and she can understand him. The scientist in the movie, Joyce, seems to be concerned but not concerned. Emery’s mother is a looney bird in this movie — controlling and strange. Emery is unpredictable. Mr. R seems to be the sanest one of them all but I could only be imagining it. The one gal with the glasses is one frightened woman. This movie is very strange and not filled with horror like I thought. Mystery, yes. Maybe because I believe in haunted houses and estates but only under Satan’s power to fool people as well as drive them nuts. The movie is awesome, though. I love it! If I have nightmares about this movie, I will not be afraid to say so in any future entries, okay? Yep, I am still up. I will be okay. Always okay. I am still here. LOL WOW what a great movie this is!!! I do believe it will scare people.

I am going to say good night now and come back tomorrow if the weather permits it. The weather here lately has been rainy, wet, and icky. We are expecting thunderstorms according to the weather report this weekend — yuck and great! I want sunshine. I have not seen it the past couple of days or so now. It is getting depressing to some point. Glad I have company coming tomorrow afternoon. YAY!

My Thursday 8/27/09

Today was another rainy day here in Wisconsin. Wet and rainy indeed. More rain and possible thunderstorms tomorrow, too. When will the rain stop? I hope soon anyway. Well… the rain is not stopping me… slowing me down though. I still have a left leg that aches from my fall on Tuesday morning and the ache in my joints are acting very dullish and the pain is bearable. Bing is being a good, speaking out type of cat tonight, and we had company over before 4 p.m. for a while so Bing is in kitty cat heaven tonight in his mood. I am very happy for him as always. Today, I had awakened at 6:30 a.m. but went back to bed for a while in hopes that I would only sleep in until 7:30 a.m. or 8 a.m. but when I had re-awakened, it was 10:10 a.m.!!! Bing was sleeping with me but did feel him leaving the bed and that is what had partially awakened me but a telephone call is what woke me up totally. I looked at the clock on my end table and though it was 8:30 a.m. but when I had walked out into the kitchen, I was totally shocked at the time. I was an 1 1/2 hour off, lol. Well…. I have been up since 10:10 this morning and I have been having the best day possible. Anyway, this is my Thursday … my day … my time now. I am okay.

After my company left before 4 p.m., I decided to take the rest of the afternoon – early evening – I have decided to do what I could to pick up my place. CD took my trash downstairs for me so I decided to pick up the place a bit and do my dishes. I have been motivated before but not this motivated in a long time. LOL I will be okay. I did get my dishes done and my living room picked up. I do have company coming tomorrow — a planned visited — and my shower gal is coming at 1 p.m. tomorrow. I might do my laundry tomorrow but I am not sure yet … tomorrow has to come first, lol. Back to my day.

It is 6:37 p.m. Thursday evening. Dinner and dessert eaten… My tummy is filled with food now but for some reason it feels real full and seems like movement is limited momentarily! I think I ate too much tonight!!! I am not surprised that my eyes were bigger than my stomach AGAIN! Bing has had his cuddling time and now is sleeping in his favorite rocking chair nearby me. Man, he was very talkative and sociable earlier when CD visited and dropped off the key to her apartment for me to watch her cat Oreo while she was gone for the weekend. Bing was not quiet for very long. Bing has his rough house buddy up here and he loved it. Bing is such a loving cat — and he loves CD very much. Wait until tomorrow when his other favorite person WW comes to help me shower and his aunt KW comes by. He is such a flirt and talker! Silly boy!

Bing can not wait until tomorrow!! LOL

At 6 p.m. Stephen King’s “Rose Red” is airing on Syfy tonight — all three parts. I am going to watch all three parts tonight. I have seen the movie before and the movie that is the prequel to this movie as well. I do not remember the prequel’s title of the Rose Red movie but it was about a woman named Ellen Rimbauer (sp?) who had a husband had the house built special for Ellen. Now I am watching sequel and enjoying the movie very much! Not scary enough. Is Stephen King losing his nature in horror? I hope not! I really enjoy all the actors/actresses in this movie — especially Kimberly J Brown from Halloweentown movies. YAY! Yes, I am a horror buff sometimes — not always though. I have seen this movie before — Rose Red — and do not think it is scary enough to be causing nightmares but it is definitely a movie not for the younger nature. I am enjoying myself very much!!

This is my Thursday today. I have not been lazy today but the weather could say otherwise in my book. I am so addicted to facebook now that I played farkle with a few people and solo. Met someone who is no on my facebook list of friends. I even checked out Twitter and signed up and now on twitter. LOL. I am so addicted to the internet — who isn’t these days?! This is the first time I have been online here but not online today — been on and off all day. Still waiting for my final grade to be reported and posted. I am of the curious type and waiting for my grade to post seems terribly long. I will be okay though. I always am.

Today, being my Thursday, my thoughts went to the far reaches of my mind wondering what is going on with some people. There has come a moment of wanting to write a letter expressing my hurt feelings and pain of the heart. The letter will by all means never be mailed or sent … NEVER! I am personally sick and tired of being personally attacked in such a way that causes heart ache and discomfort of the negative sense. Family is family to me and I love my family. I hate being personally attacked by those who think they know me but really don’t. I did not spend the past nine years to see certain family members for nothing and then get the feeling of discomfort. Yeah, I am hurt. Very hurt. Family need not disown family but it apparently happens. It is awful … I want to block it out but can’t for personal reasons. I want to have peace in EVERYTHING!!! Yeah, my heart aches VERY BADLY! That is what i have been thinking about that for a couple of days now. Yes, I hurt emotionally. That is what has consisted of my Thursday today. I want a drink!!!

I am enjoying my movie VERY much! It is really compelling! YAY! I am going to enjoy the rest of the movie…