Good Evening

Another night on the verge of thunderstorms coming our way after midnight. YAY! I hope the storm, if it comes, does not wake me up and cause my eyes to feel like they are being blinded. My sleep was off and on last night because of it but I am okay. Right now i am watching more recorded Cold Case programs on my DVR system. I had a small nap this afternoon and had awakened at 6:45 this evening – awakened to cat leaving the bed and jumping down — hitting one of my bruises as he walked on me — ouch but I am okay as always. Eating at this hour is questionable but I am hungry — a little heartburn along the way for me as well tonight. With a lot that has been going on in my world lately I want to so badly to write a letter to certain family members — a letter I will never send because of the fact that it is only my feelings of hurt and pain I have felt for a very long time. I just do not know what to think about my world sometimes — lies. deceit, and problems that just roam in my life that I have every right to walk away from entirely with no need to explain myself. That is what is racing through my mind right now. Anyway, tonight is one night of quietness and peace with no interruptions except for the fact that my phone has rang with no messages being left — I have a life to live here and anyone who interrupts my space, I will not answer the phone during that time. I did have a good day today and a relaxing afternoon. With Bing sleeping with me for the most part — a happy cat as he is most of the time — is a good sport. With my nap he was such a good comfort. Yay for Bing.

Bedtime is not around the corner as soon as I had hope now because of my afternoon nap … a nap that I did my best to avoid but couldn’t. I am going to take the rest of my evening and be online, write in my journal and diary here — last one here tonight, though — and watch television. I have no plans — major or minor tomorrow — so I am going to stay up a little later than normal tonight. Hopefully the storm that is coming will not wake me and Bing up tonight — if it does — it is going to be a long night again for both of us. Bing is not very fond of storms although he is a trooper and a brave little boy — if 15 lbs of a cat is a little boy, lol

I better get going for the night.

A Quick Entry

I am back home now — been home since 2:30 p.m. because the appointment did not take as long as I expected. The appointment did go very well and have one job lead that I found interesting and worthwhile my time. I got outside at the weather seemed breezy but warm — a breeze that I find cool to some point but the heat has been horrible. I felt warm while at the appointment and in my friend’s car but the ride home was not long so I bore with the heat. Even my apartment seemed warm when I walked in even though the AC has been on for a while now. I got home safely and that is what mattered. Boy … my left leg aches from my fall yesterday and the ache has been trying to max me out. I will be okay.