Laundry is going to be done today. Along with the laundry being done, I am going to do my best at getting my internal memo written and done for tomorrow. Did not leave the homework assignment to the last minute or anything — just feeling the pressure of class right now along with the three week break I had had definitely spoiled me. I will go to bed later tonight than scheduled because I have the paper to write yet…internal memo. Going to bed at 9 p.m. is not an option tonight.

Feeling the Pressures

I am feeling the pressure of school right now. I am okay otherwise. Taking a day for myself once again but not totally as tomorrow and Monday, and Wednesday, is my busiest days of the week this coming week. The class, Financial Reporting is a great class but I am just feeling the pressure of school right now. Tomorrow is going to be a welcome relief to some point.


Now that I have time for myself as my company has just left, I am doing my own thing now. My friend and I came back from running to Taco Bell and the grocery store and eat supper and began out homework for the day. CB left shortly after 6 p.m.. She wanted to get home to be with her husband and watch Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana. I wanted to watch the same show as well. Got my homework done for the evening and watched the program on Disney and decided to listen to music on my IPod Touch and head to bed. I feel I had a good day today. Somewhat an emotional week this has been and did have a couple of real good days but have to admit that I am glad today worked out the way it did. I got to see my friend for the evening after she got off work. Now I wonder what Saturday is going to be like but won’t find out until it gets here and in order for it to get here faster, I need to head to bed now. It is kind of late and I am now tired. Good night and God bless. Should be back tomorrow.


I am playing catch up here…how amazing is that?! Not much going on. Been to class. Hair is now dry from showering. Bing is sleeping right here on the desk while I am writing in my afternoon thoughts. I am a tad bit tired for some reason. Probably because I washed my hair with lavender and lilac shampoo. It might still be a late night for me tonight. We shall see after company comes and leaves after my friend gets off work. We are planning on going to Taco Bell for supper tonight and getting a couple of things at the grocery store for myself. I need to get some more distilled water for my CPAP machine now that I am down to 1 jug of that left. I can get distilled water jugs for .99 or 1.99 at Pick N Save right down the street from me. Not bad! Both my friend and I are hungry for tacos or something close to authentic Mexican food so Taco Bell is on our brains right now, lol. Gotta go for now…later.


No plans of sleeping in this morning. Did awaken to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing at 7 a.m. – turned it off and went back to sleep until 8:15 a.m.. If I slept in, after 9 a.m. is sleeping in for me. Had my shower gal come this morning at 10 a.m. and I got a wonderful shower today. I feel so clean and refreshed and more awake now. My shower gal left shortly after 11 a.m. this morning and I have been on my own since. I have plans on getting out of my apartment for a while after a friend of mine gets off work for the day. I need to get out of here! This place is driving me crazy again today. Still in one of my funky moods and it does have something to do with my PMS this week, too. ARRRG! I am okay though. I am looking forward to the rest of my day here at home with studies and homework, Bing, and it being the weekend. Tomorrow I will take a day off of class and get my paper written for class that is due Monday. I will be back later….hopefully! I am not sure if it is going to be another late night for me yet. Will find out after 8 p.m. which is when I begin to realize that a late night will be around for me. It is only morning!

My Thoughts for the Evening…

Supper has been over about an hour ago and my friend left to go home. Yay! Time for myself. Forgot some cropes at Farm Town this evening so the crops went to waste and no money was made — lost some money in the wasted crops. Nothing serious really but I was a little disappointed for a few minutes. Got rid of the wasted and planted new crops and now waiting for them to be ready for harvest. I am tired now and despite the tiredness I feel now I know I will be up late tonight enjoying myself and playing Farkle on Facebook. I am so addicted to Farkle, Farm Town, and some of the other games that Facebook provides for us members. Oh well. I will be up until midnight tonight even though I can not sleep in tomorrow. Oh well…got to sleep in yesterday and that felt real good for once but do not know it too often. I do not want to get spoiled and lose an entire day of sleeping anymore. Have been sleeping better and comfortably practically every night now since I have had my CPAP machine but have had a few days of restlessness most recently. I wish I was still on the farm visiting my Aunt because being back in the city has gotten me in one of my funky moods again!!

My Thoughts for the Morning…

I am still in one of my moods. Oh well. I will be okay. I just do not want my friends to think that I am avoiding them because I am not avoiding them. I have been up since 8:30 a.m. this morning and have already gone to school for the day to do my posting for my assignment that was due today so I can have the rest of the day to myself for the most part. I have a friend who is going to cook supper for both of us. We are having brats for supper tonight – yum! After su0pper, I am going to have some serious time for myself including Bing Crosby the cat. Right now, taking a break from attending my farm at Farm Town on Facebook am watching television and catching up on recorded programs. I am seriously thinking of watching my first season of Charlie’s Angels this weekend so I have those DVDs out to remind me but first comes the studying and homework. I know today is going to be another good day for me. I personally wish it was all just for me all about me today but it isn’t and it won’t. Will be having company over after 5 for supper tonight for a couple of hours. I will be okay.


Today has been a good day. I had a good day all day long. Did some studying, homework, and just pretty much took it easy for the most part. I am in one of my moods again this week – especially today. I talked to a dear friend of mine – one who does not live in Teamster Manor – who understands where I am coming from today. It seems, as personal as it has gotten to me, that since I have been out of town Saturday and back Sunday, I wish I was still on the farm visiting my aunt. It is so quiet and peaceful up there and I would get the rest I needed and could ever want whether my aunt was home or at work herself for the day. Being back here at Teamster Manor is like living in Peyton Place or even Melrose Place! This place is not fun to live in anymore. I am in one of my moods again this week so bear with me, okay. Otherwise I believe I had a good day. I did, seriously, sleep in until 10 a.m. today and it FELT GOOD! I cannot do that tomorrow or Friday even though the temptati0n is definitely there.


My LSC came today and we got a lot done. We took stuff out of the freezer and fridge and cleaned it out along with throwing away “bad” food, cleaned and dusted, and put things away in their desirable places. LB was here for only 45 minutes and we got a lot done together. At 10 a.m. this morning my shower gal came and I had gotten my shower. I had joint pain that was a 7 when she got here and then when she left, my joint pain was a 5. I do have to admit that joint pain is a tad bit bothersome right now. Anyway, class began today. My 6th class titled “Financial Reporting”. I am looking forward, after having 3 weeks off of school, to doing classwork once again. I have realized that I have a lot of work cut out for me for the next six weeks. YAY! I know I can do it!!! I am like the engine that could that’s for sure.

After my LSC left and my shower gal left, I have decided to … take a day for myself and watch television movies for the most part of my day outside of working on Farm Town on Facebook. I have been a little bit bored today. Today’s class day was slow but tomorrow is a big study day after noon.

Time for bed now. Gotta get some sleep now.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

It Has Already Begun…Oh Boy!

I have been home one night now and it has already begun…the stories of what happened while I was gone for the night Saturday to Sunday afternoon. I have already heard a story about what happened between two tenants and what was about to happen with another two tenants with one person. UGH! To be very honest here, what happened had happened for a reason because a tenant did not mind her own business and meddled in another situation where this tenant did not belong. The tenant who was upset had every right to be upset and the name calling, even though it should not have happened, was justified. After hearing the story I pretty much one sided with the one tenant but not the tenant who told me the story. Words that come out of JT today are not believed like they were once believed because my eyes have been opened to her lies and slutty ways. Please excuse me for saying such a word as “slutty” but this one tenant does have sex with a registered sex offender now and she does have a roving eye for the men in this building who do live here. You can just imagine what goes on behind closed doors at her place, that’s for sure. I know because I hear about it even though I have told this tenant to keep her mouth shut about it and her boyfriend because I do not want to hear about DW or even see his face that is scary enough. Having a a registered sex offender coming into this building is scary en√ługh. That is one big reason why I want to leave here all the time. Never know when he is here or whern he is coming and he already gives a couple of tenants that creepy feeling, and at one time I believed this man to be handsome but not anymore. He is an ugly idiot.