Now that I have time for myself as my company has just left, I am doing my own thing now. My friend and I came back from running to Taco Bell and the grocery store and eat supper and began out homework for the day. CB left shortly after 6 p.m.. She wanted to get home to be with her husband and watch Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana. I wanted to watch the same show as well. Got my homework done for the evening and watched the program on Disney and decided to listen to music on my IPod Touch and head to bed. I feel I had a good day today. Somewhat an emotional week this has been and did have a couple of real good days but have to admit that I am glad today worked out the way it did. I got to see my friend for the evening after she got off work. Now I wonder what Saturday is going to be like but won’t find out until it gets here and in order for it to get here faster, I need to head to bed now. It is kind of late and I am now tired. Good night and God bless. Should be back tomorrow.


I am playing catch up here…how amazing is that?! Not much going on. Been to class. Hair is now dry from showering. Bing is sleeping right here on the desk while I am writing in my afternoon thoughts. I am a tad bit tired for some reason. Probably because I washed my hair with lavender and lilac shampoo. It might still be a late night for me tonight. We shall see after company comes and leaves after my friend gets off work. We are planning on going to Taco Bell for supper tonight and getting a couple of things at the grocery store for myself. I need to get some more distilled water for my CPAP machine now that I am down to 1 jug of that left. I can get distilled water jugs for .99 or 1.99 at Pick N Save right down the street from me. Not bad! Both my friend and I are hungry for tacos or something close to authentic Mexican food so Taco Bell is on our brains right now, lol. Gotta go for now…later.