The Brewers VS The Cardinals

I had a great time at the Brewer game today. The Brewers did not win but they did do their best and Prince Fielder did bring in the only run that counted for the Brewers. The Cardinals won with 5 points while the Brewers only had 1 point. They did do their best according to what I saw. Many of us were disappointed still but had loads of fun eating, drinking, and chattering with one another. I do believe that my brat was a little soggy but I had the works on it, and the fries were delicious…very delicious. I am so tired right now that typing has becoming one of those chores in life trying to prevent myself hitting the wrong keys, lol. Going to bed here shortly even though it is going to be early … VERY EARLY!!

IDS Outing

Going to the Milwaukee Brewer game today … yay! Will be leaving here at 10:15 a.m. after my LSC comes to take the trash outside. I get away from Teamster Manor for the day. YAY!!! I can be sane for the entire day and not worry about anything from here at home or in the building. I do not mind if the Brewers win or lose today because being there in person is what I have wanted to do for a while now. If the Brewers do not win today the important thing is that they do their best. I will be among friends and other people who will enjoy the game, the eats, and the chats. Yay!!! I am looking forward to getting away from here. That is the good part of my day.