A Lazy-like Thursday

It has been a fair day — cloudy for the most part … thunderstorm early in the afternoon and darkness seemed to have seeped into the world a little bit earlier than usual because of the cloudy day. Not much going on right now really. It is almost three hours past my bedtime right now but that is okay I guess. I was not planning anything major this evening so I just relaxed and did my thing — being lazy. It was a lazy-like Thursday today but I do have to admit that I have a busy day tomorrow. Yay! I will be taking a shower at 10:45 p.m., have an appointment at 2:45 p.m., and company coming over around 4 p.m. for a while to do our homework together and to have supper. Otherwise I have no major plans for the weekend. Have been busy ALL weekend long, So…in reality I have had a lazy-like Thursday so I can have a busy day tomorrow. Yawn … should have been in bed three hours ago! … Yawn. I guess I will go for now and come back another day to write since it is very late in the household right now. Yawn. I have a a lot on my mind right now but it will have to wait for another time to get it off on paper or words going across a computer screen as this is what it really is. I rarely use pen and paper anymore these days. It is so much easier to fire up a computer – desktop or laptop – to write your thoughts down and later print them out if you want to which is rarely what I do these days anymore. Well, I am going to say good night and God God bless for now. Good night and God bless.

My Day

Today has been a lazy day for me. Slept in til 11 a.m. so my morning was gone by the time I had awakened. That’s okay though. I needed some more sleep. Tomorrow – Friday is going to be busy this week anyway. Right now we are under storm advisories so I better get going. Also Bing is making it very difficult to be online right now to finish up with my online stuff. I am going to go read now. I am going to say good night and God bless now before the storm hits. Bye for now.

A Quick Entry

I am not going to be on long. I want to do some reading before retiring to bed for the night yet. Bedtime is going to be later tonight and that is okay. Anyway…I thought I would write a quick entry and then go to bed. Not much going on right now but earlier today I did some homework and playing on the internet. Planning on retiring to bed soon but later tonight than usual. I am feeling better after feeling sick yesterday and Friday. The raining and storms have gotten to me a bit but I am doing fine and in fair condition right now. Feeling yucky still but not so much.

Not So Bad

I am getting sick and tired of the rainy weather and the fear of the lights going out again is racing through my mind since yesterday. I know the fear I have is so common and ordinary in my panic state but I do have to understand that this fear is all Satan trying to keep me in a panic state. I will be okay. I have to keep myself busy in order to get away from the fear of things that plague my life. It is not so bad really. I am not in the mood in the mood to be defeated anymore, seriously. I am sick and tired of certain people — a person actually — who always needs to have a man in her life in order to be complete. Once again, unfortunately, a relationship is on hold between this person and her so-called boyfriend. I wonder for how long this is going to take before I hear again that this person has her boyfriend back in her life. We shall see … me, myself, and I that is. It is not so bad. I have to remind myself that I am the one who needs to change things if I want to change things, right? I might have to dissolve a certain friendship soon foor good this time. We will wait and see.

Life Goes On

Okay, yesterday I got out of the house for awhile to go to an appointment and get a couple of things at the grocery store. Today I got out of the house for awhile again with another friend. I was going to to grocery shopping this afternoon but misplaced my food share stamp card so I went shopping at Wal-Mart instead. While I was gone, our building’s electricity went off because of the fact that lightning struck an area of town affecting 900 customers. For the first time in my world I was not worried about my computer, which was on while I left, but mainly worried about my Bing Crosby. On my way home I was thinking okay…this is different. This is odd. This is something new to me. All I worried about was Bing. When I had gotten home, my friend Mark made sure I got upstairs okay and helped me get into my apartment since the elevator was not functioning due to the electricity. As soon as I got in the door, I turned off the surge protector and unplugged it on the wall and said a prayer to God to allow the electricity to come back on shortly and I did think of my computer for a second then but was not over obsessive about the computer being on while the electricity went out. I was not worried about the computer at all because of the fact that I have a new laptop with everything on it I need for school if need be. I have a wonderful/expensive surge protector. My laptop was not plugged in or even turned on.

The electricity came back on about a half an hour after I returned home. It did not affect just Teamster Manor like I thought. For a half an hour I lay n my bedroom where the most light shone through the bedroom window. While laying there, the moment the electricity came back on, I heard the drone of the fridge coming back on, the toilet making its noise, and the clock in my bedroom was blinking its green light. Honestly, I could have had a more exciting day if I just was out longer, lol.

My Wednesday

It has been an awkward week for me. Pressure has hit the mid of my section to the point of driving me to a feeling of insanity and unsureness. I know I will be okay because I am fighter to the end of the fight and I never give up like I once did. It is scary but it is, at the end, not so bad once the road has light.

Plans For Tomorrow – Wednesday …

Honestly…spoiled from having a three week break from college classes and being done with my first week of Financial Reporting as of Monday – I do have to admit that I have survived my first week back in classes. Now that Monday is done and over with … Tuesday is now past and my first day of my second week of class is past now too I have plans for tomorrow. I have another appointment and then my friend SJ and I are going to run to the store so I can get a couple of things. I am looking forward to tomorrow despite what the weather will provide. Even though SJ and I will remain good friends because our lifestyles are different, I enjoy getting together with SJ very much even though there are moments and times where I am so moody during the month. Anyway, I will be getting out of the building again … away from other tenants and the building for a while.

My Tuesday

My day went wonderfully … just had some joint pain issues due to upcoming storms this week. LB my LSW came at 8:30 a.m. and we got some good cleaning done. and I also had my shower — a little bit earlier today by an hour or so. After my shower, as silly as it may sound, I was relaxed a bit even though the joint pain is a little bit unbearable but today is a doable day. No major plans today. I was planning on going to the store today but the weather prevented me from getting out. My joints proved that to be the reason to some point. I am okay, though. I deal with joint pain less often now since I have had gotten my CPAP machine over a month ago. I can even also notice the difference with how my body works and functions now.

I Can Understand Why Garfield Hates Mondays!!!

With the internal paper due today…I do have to admit that there was a little sleep lost last night and I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 a.m. this morning — again! I was not doing my homework until then, though. I had it done by 10 p.m. last night and will finish up the process of handing it in before my 1 p.m. appointment with my counselor. I definitely now understand why Garfield hates Mondays!!! Do you want to know why??! Okay, here it goes. I was rudely awakened by a telephone call at 8:38 a.m. this morning. Because it was before 9 a.m., I didn’t answer it since the person calling did not leave a message. it really irked me. Because of that phone call, my alarm WAS set for 10 a.m. but I had gotten up anyway and got myself going for the day at 8:45 a.m. Took a shower and got dressed up a bit for the day even though there is no special occasion to get all dressed up. I am okay…just a little irked. I can now understand why Garfield hates Mondays!!!! I do too sometimes myself now. Garfield and I would be great company for today, that’s for sure!

Ahh, today is a beautiful day and the rest of the week might be rainy and cloudy, and yucky. Boy am I looking forward to that! No way!!!!