Had A Great Day!!

I had a great day. Went out of town for the day and had a wonderful time. The weather may have been a little cold but it was a beautiful day for visiting friends and family. Left around 8 a.m. and did not get home, physically, until 5:45 p.m.. I know now I ended the year 2008 very nicely. Because I was out of town, I did not have Bible study this morning as originally planned so Bible study resumes next week.

Christmas Has Come But it is Not Over Yet

Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have both come to a winding and now Friday is soon to arrive. Even though Christmas is pretty much over and the humdrum of the holiday is winding down some, Christmas is not yet over for me and that is exciting. This weekend I will have visitors from out of town for lunch and I am looking forward to seeing my company even though the time spent with them may not be very long. Also, I will be going “After Christmas Shopping” and I am excited about that. We have had a nice white Christmas this year and it has been wonderful … but now that Christmas is winding down and the New Year is only a week away, the snow can go away anytime now, lol. Only wishful thinking on my part really and that is okay.

Anyway, I did have a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I hope everyone else did.

One Last Thing … Venting is Over so don’t worry

Christmas is just around the corner and for those who celebrate the holidays, please have a fine, safe, and happy Christmas and Happy New Year when it finally arrives. No resolutions at this time but I am still working on the resolutions that have been made last year on an everyday basis. I do have one resolution I am going to make and that one is to maintain a 3.0 in my Masters program once I reach that goal and continue to do my best in college. Otherwise I have no new resolutions to work on this year but that will change as new ideas form in my mind in the next couple of weeks.

I am going to say good night and God bless to everyone. Have a wonderful night!

A Need to Vent, okay…here it goes…

Honestly, some people NEED to grow up and live their lives separate from one another. Today I ended up getting a text message from someone stating that another someone said this and that. I decided, as bad as it may seem to some people, not to reply back to the text message because I am not going to be a part of anyone’s drama anymore and have been working so hard on it. Christmas is just around the corner now and no one is going to RUIN my Christmas this year whatsoever. Honestly, people need to grow up and stop instigating and causing havoc for other people. We live only a short time on this earth and we all should get along but we all know that is not going to happen. Just please take your drama elsewhere and leave me out of it. I have some fears right now and those fears are going to stay under the blanket where the fears belong and not be awakened by saying or doing something I will later regret. I hate people who just want to cause some kind of trouble or problem with other people. That gives me the impression, as silly as it may be sometimes, that a lot of childish crap still plagues the grown ups and age has nothing to do with it anymore. PEOPLE…GROW UP!

My Day Today

Okay, I was awakened at 8 a.m. this morning by a neighbor calling me all because of the fact that I called her at 2 a.m. yesterday morning. Honestly, pay backs are hell sometimes, lol. After she called, I did go back to sleep for a while until my CSW called and told me that she as dropping by today just in case it got real bad tomorrow. We are expecting bad weather again the next couple of days or so. Don’t know for sure since I am one of those people who believes in what she sees more than what she hears in regard to the weatherman of today. Anyway, with possible inclement weather tomorrow I had my Bible study today and LB came by for a moment to drop off some garbage bags since I am totally out of them as of today, lol. After my Bible study left for the week, I pretty much did my own thing. I did get my word search hand held game from Swiss Colony today so I played that for awhile and enjoyed myself. I just did my own thing for the most part of my day. What else can I do in such weather conditions these days. Oh yeah, I did hand in my week two homework assignment that is due today but I did do my own thing for the most part of my day. More later…

A Quickie

This is going to be a quick entry since it is late All is fine here in the household of mine and I am up late tonight since I did not get to bed until 5 a.m. or so this morning and slept until 11 a.m. and then got my day going for the most part. At this time I am kind of dreading about having to go out in the cold tomorrow but where I have to go is not the thing I am dreading. Do you wonder why I was up so late last night? Easy answer…I was writing my paper for class and got into the swing of writing it and never stopped until I was completely finished with it and I did plan on going to bed before midnight but apparently didn’t. I stayed up late tonight because of the fact that I got into watching Degrassi episodes on Demand tonight and lost track of time until my neighbor/friend called me to say good night. My phone rang only 3 times today so I had a relief from the ringing of my phone for the entire day so I was not totally frazzled over the idea of not having time for myself and Bing Crosby cat. No nap was needed today since I slept in a bit, lol. As for week one, I got a 97% so I am getting an A so far. YAY! Even the facilitator read and commented on my paper and returned the paper back to me with comments and ideas for the next paper so I will continue to follow APA format for writing college papers.

No need to vent tonight. Good night.

In All Honesty…

I am feeling a little bummed because I have this feeling that someone will do anything with her man-friend first before she makes any plans with other people. I guess not everyone understands that having a relationship with another — opposite sex — is not always priority. Why do I myself know this? I have been in relationships that backfired because of the fact that I thought that boyfriends came first.

That Feeling

I have that feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen all over again and that feeling will not fade away. I am okay otherwise but today I had an unknown caller calling me 5 times today and it drove me crazy. I just wanted to scream because of the fact that I have felt that I did not have a whole lot of time for myself today because the phone kept ringing all day long after my first call came. Honestly, when some people get blocked or unknown callers on their Caller ID, it is disrespectful to the person being called. I wish people had more decency that being so rude.

If you want to hear more bitching and complaining, I can give you a lot more.