My Sunday

Let me put it this way. I had a wonderful Sunday with myself, friends, and neighbors. It was spent on schoolwork, a movie, and dinner with a dear friend of mine tonight, and a neighbor joined us for a while. Not a whole lot to really say tonight … even at this hour of the night when bedtime should have been a couple of hours ago, lol. Too much fun in the company I guess today, lol.

Let me put it this way … My Sunday was a nice one.

Words Do Hurt

Honestly, don’t people have better things to do other than say things that can hurt someone? Honestly, if our former manager was here today I believe very well what was said would not have been said. Some people around here are two-faced people and trusting someone is not easy around here. I swear that some people around here need to get lives and move on out of here where they belong because honestly some people do not belong here. I may be some kindhearted soul that wears her heart on her sleeve for the most part so when a dear friend of mine is being talked about, my heart just aches and I just want to cry my eyes out until no more tears come out. Some people are just downright mean and do not care if feelings are hurt and here I was on Thursday sharing Thanksgiving dinner with that someone as well. Honestly! People need to get lives around here. I have had it and I just wanted to go downstairs and be a part of conversation without a hitch but it turned out to be a hitch was involved. Coffee and donut time has become a time of something other than gossip and rumors being spread about! Honestly, I am sick of it. I am so glad I have my apartment — my safety place with my good ol’ cat Bing Crosby!

What Else Can I Say Today?

Earlier today I had kind of vented a bit and I feel I went off in a tangent somewhat but I think I needed to in order to get something off my mind before it ate me alive inside. Anyway, today at home, which it was spent the rest of the day here at home with Bing, my phone has rung off the hook since I had awakened this morning and honestly my head is about to pop if my phone rings anytime soon, lol. It has been ringing off the hook all weekend long and honestly I have found myself not in the real talking mode lately with some people. That’s okay…that is just a part of me that still feels a little sheltered from the outside world of where I live and this is where I plan to stay no matter if I say I want out of here so bad or the other tenants can up and move themselves. Some people just thrive on hurting others and that kills my ol’ heart of kindness for some people now-a-days.

This morning, other than what was shared this morning earlier, I do have to mention that someone else was brought up today and honestly I want to wrangle this person by the neck and kick him out of this country where men HAVE to work to make a living and get food on their table instead of being such a lazy bum and bumming off of other people and taking advantage of people. Honestly some men make me so darn mad —- real mad — maybe I will turn into this green monster and find justice for everyone who deserves justice, lol. Bill Bixby played an awesome Incredible Hulk in my book. Would you believe that I screamed and cried every time the Incredible Hulk because I did not understand the story at the time it aired on TV in the 70’s? Yes, I was afraid of him. My brother had to tell me that the monster was just helping people find justice where injustice was found, and people were making him angry that made the character turn into the monster. The Incredible Hulk was a good creature by nature. Lou F was the Incredible Hulk and that was awesome! That is how I feel sometimes when people piss me off, that’s for sure. Oh well, that’s me, I guess.

One Final Thought

I personally thought I was going to be in bed and asleep by now but the sleepless feeling has crept in its evil doing on me for the moment, lol. I am okay…truly, and really. I have been reading a good book written by Mary Jane Clark titled “Lights Out Tonight” and the book is that good. As a matter of fact, when I had called the library on Wednesday to recheck when my books were due they were overdue but was able to renew the books I have been reading one final time before returning them and paying for the overdue, which I have not had in a long time now. Go figure that one out… Time had escaped me and it sure was embarrassing to find out that my books were overdue. I hate that actually. Anyway, the book is getting real good and I can not put the book down without fighting to open it again to read where I had left off from before. I just LOVE to read. Reading is a passion of mine and I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a grade school student and my first books I ever read was Ramona series written by an author I have temporarily forgot her name…was it Beverly Cleary? I do not remember right now since it is going to be midnight in a few minutes — twenty minutes or so from now anyway. Oh well.

Well, I am off to bed here shortly if bed is allowing me to stay still for a few minutes. Good night and God bless.

Gotta Watch Our Words Don’t We?

This afternoon I was downstairs in the community room playing a Cat-opoly which is a rendition of Monopoly with my friend LS. We had a couple of watchers and LS and I were having loads of fun before it got real late and dark, Anyway, during the time we were playing I had learned that we have to watch what we say or certain things go flying about what was said, heard, and done. Doesn’t anyone know that words hurt some people? DANG! Anyway, I had said something that got kind of distorted — in other words I believed I had assumed instead of knowing the facts but what I did hear from my ears where I was sitting I thought I had heard to familiar voices of two neighbors and then I had gotten a phone call later confirming something and I just went “what!” That is where I feel I may have assumed more than getting the facts more so than anything. Honestly, what I said now may go through all the building now1 DANG! I do not understand people anymore!!!!

My Thanksgiving Day Was Splendid!

Thanksgiving Day this year was celebrated with two wonderful neighbors in our building where I live. I had a wonderful time. MP cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, and made turkey/mushroom soup gravy, carrots, and cranberry sauce while I made the green been casserole, and N had a pumpkin pie for dessert. After dinner, N and I went to our own apartments. Not knowing what N did when she returned to her apartment, I vegged out on the bed in the living room and watched TV while Bing was nearby or snuggling right with me. I was able to talk to my dad, his wife, my sister KLK on the phone, and had spoken to my mom just a few minutes ago online. I had a very nice Thanksgiving Day even though it was spent at home for the most part and I did not spend Thanksgiving Dinner entirely alone at least. My day was just wonderful. I will be heading to bed shortly now to bring in Friday and school in full force once again.

Time Went By Fast and Slow Today

I am okay… Part of my day went fast and part of it went slow. It depended on what I was doing, where I was going, and what today was all about. School is going okay but I believe it can be better but I am not sweating the small stuff right now since I have this week and week 6 yet to play. I am a tad bit disappointed in regards to my percentage so far but I have two weeks left to bring up my grade up five percent and I know I can do it. Being out of school since February until 5 weeks ago, I do have to admit that I lost the study ability somewhat. That is why I am not sweating it and worried much. I know I can pull myself through the best of the worst and so forth.

My caseworker and I got together for a couple of hours today and I had a great time with her. As a matter of fact, that was the fast part of my day, and then when I got home and got into my routine of the day and took a two hour nap in the bedroom, my time was slower and ticking by so slowly that I just felt like pacing back and forth like a caged lion wanting out to get her pray outside of the cage, lol. I am okay now and I will be going to bed.

I would have gone to bed an hour ago but at 9 p.m. Barbara Walters had a special on tonight interviewing our elected soon to be President of the United States so I listened to the interview and was impressed for the most part of the program. Now with news on…bedtime is definitely coming in a few minutes. All is good right now.

All is good. No complaints tonight. Good night!

What’s Going On?

Not much here going on right now but in a few minutes I will be seeing the manager to see what is going on for the newsletter for TM. I was going to see my caseworker this afternoon but time escaped her and she did not have time to come see me today so we are planning on getting together tomorrow to run a couple of needed errands. As for the past four weeks, it has been one of those times that there is not enough time for everything. Last Monday I was dehydrated and yesterday I am hydrated once again so no worries there. I am in my fifth week of class now and have two weeks left of class and I really do not want my class to end now yet anyway. Have met some real nice people in this class.

Gotta go for now. Bye for now.

Oh yeah, not going to be home for a while tonight. Getting out of here for a while tonight with a dear and close friend and that will be wonderful.

Can’t type worth a poop today, lol.