Been Busy Today

Today was a busy day for me. I did not get my laundry done today, though so I will do it tomorrow afternoon before 7:30 p.m.. Anyway, today was a busy day which has given me another late night so I will be retiring to bed here in a few minutes. Watched Bear this evening and I will be watching him again from 9 – 12 noon tomorrow, and then, I am not sure if I will have any company over tomorrow afternoon for awhile yet or not, but will see. Today I had an appointment with my med doctor at 11:30 a.m.. Appointment went well. After I got back from my appointment, I decided to read for a while and then tiij a little nap until Bear came up so his master could go to school. It was a wonderful evening. Tomorrow, I hope is a nice day as well. We shall see. Really don’t have anything new to report tonight. Good night my Dear Diary friends. Gotta go for now. 9 a.m. does come very fast around here in this household, lol. Night.