2 Changes I Am Going To Make For My DD Journal/Blog

I am still make most of my journal entries/blog entries public to all the readers and members of Dear Diary but at the same time I will write some entries for friends only, and then of course there might be very private entries written that will not be shared to no one at dear diary but myself. I know who is all on my friends only list and who can access my public journal/diary, and when it comes to private thoughts, no one is going to be able to read those entries at all. That are the two changes I am going to make in my DD blogging spot. When it come to writing entries for friends’ only, I am asking for advice or ideas, and help on a particular subject matter or get what my friends think or if they have experienced what I have experienced before or not. As for the private thoughts, those private thoughts are my most prized thoughts that are for my eyes, ears, and nose only. In most cases I will not write many private entries here since I have a computer here at home, lol and have a special place to write my thoughts, but sometimes I will post a private thought here as I have done so in the past. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment here at Dear Diary.

As For the Changes ..

I am still working on what changes I want to make in my journal and why the changes will do me good other than the seasons here will be changing shortly. Summer is soon to become Fall now since it is September 3rd now. I can not believe where my summer has come and gone to. I have been not so chatty here for personal reasons but I am beginning to realize that hiding my thoughts and feelings is not the greatest idea either so I write a personal journal here at home, too. It is not easy being me sometimes. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my psychiatrist at 11:30 a.m. and I am definitely looking forward to going to this appointment because my caseworker is going with me — she always does go to my psychiatrist appointments with me and to every other counseling appointment with my counselor. My caseworker has been one important person in my life who I wish to share my moments with. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow. Yeah!

Other than as for the changes in my dear diary journal blog here, I am doing just fine. Sleep was hard to find last night because it was so hot in my apartment even the fans in my bedroom did not keep me real cool. Bing, as hot as it seemed, did not want to cuddle with me much last night either. Oh well. I see 24/7 anyway. I love Bing very much. As for my day, today, I did not want to get up early so I laid in bed until 10 a.m., got up and dressed and washed my hair, and read a little bit before heading downstairs to catch my ride for lunch with a friend. It was a good afternoon. The weather was nice and cool but overcast and cloudy for the most part but nice. After lunch I was dropped off back home to spend the rest of the day indoors with Bing doing dishes, reading, and watching only an hour of television this evening — a little later than usual since I spent practically 5 hours online playing games at myyearbook. Honestly, I addicted to myyearbook games! Help!! LOL It keeps me from watching junkie television, that’s for sure.

It is getting late and it is time for my go to bed. Another late night up but the last two nights I have taken to bed early but not tonight. Have a big day tomorrow — appointment at 11:30 a.m., laundry, and dog sitting my favorite pooch Bear Tullis and I am looking forward to having him up and over.

I am going to say good night and God bless to all my DD friends and readers. Have a great night!