The Past Week and Today

I do have to admit that the past week has been one of those weeks, except for a couple of things, is one of those weeks i would love to forget about, but not the entire week has been a totally off week. I have had allergies and once again I would like to admit that I did have another slight UTI once again and that was yucky feeling all over again but at least I will say that I am free of the UTI right now and I have one more pill to take. Yesterday I found that I am all clear of any UTI bacteria. Thank goodness. With the death of a dear friend of mine this past Monday, September 22, I do have to say that it set me back a bit as well and going to the funeral this weekend was closure and the dreams I had all week of my friend are now gone so going to the funeral was worth while my time. I had to get away from my home for a while anyway. Now if I had my own place, with no one underneath me or in my case, I am on the third floor, and neighbors so close to home, would be even better. This apartment of mine is my home but the place, the building, does not feel homey anymore. I do not feel I belong here anymore. Staying close to home in my own place is better for me than associating with too many other people. This place had a strange hold of everyone … including me …. at some point, and I am constantly sick.

Last Thoughts of the Day

It is getting late and I should have been in bed an hour ago or so but I am still up. I am fine….just have been reading and did doze off in my recliner with Bing on my lap with me sleeping as well. Today’s appointment went well this afternoon and I am glad I went even though I did not want to go because of the rainy weather. Yes, we had rainy weather all day long and I hope tomorrow is not icky too. My muscles can not take the change of weather very well anymore. I hurt and ache so bad I can and will cry. I am a girl and I will cry. I will take some tylenol Arthritis tonight before retiring to bed. I did have a fairly good day and plans for tomorrow is in the works so I have to be up kind of early for company at 10:30 a.m. in the morning. Gotta get some sleep now. Good night!


Even though I have not written in a while I do have to say that I am still here. Not much has really gone on this past week except for a neighbor friend of mine passed away Monday and the visitation was on Friday but I did not attend the visitation. I did go to the funeral on Saturday, which was yesterday, and it was a very nice service, cemetery gathering, and luncheon. The strangest thing is the fact that I find a funeral one of the bleakest ways of seeing people you have not seen in a very long time even though at this funeral I got to see all the people I wanted to see and meet for the first time or the first time in a long time. Two people I went to high school with were there, of course, they were either the son or grandson of my deceased friend and neighbor. I also got to see another grandchild of my friend and neighbor I have not seen since I last saw her in 1982 – 1984, and believe me it was a very nice meeting but a strange one to the feel. Oh well.

Even though this is Sunday I will be watching my favorite pup for a couple of hours or so and I will be chatting with my mom shortly, so I better wash my hair before I get busy. I will be back later today .. tomorrow at the latest.

A Quick Hello

I just wanted to write a quickie to say hello before retiring to bed for the night. I do have to admit that I have had a rough week with allergies, a neighbor/friend passed away on Monday while she was in hospice care up north of here outside of Madison I believe. I have no idea where Fitchburg is really but that is where this neighbor/friend was at to live her final days which ended up being her final hours so in reality, being sick with allergies and this person dying has really topped the week to its spoilage really. My heart is feeling like a broken heart at the moment because I have had dreams off and on since my neighbor/friend has died and to be very honest with myself I am going to the funeral tomorrow to have closure. Otherwise I believe everything else is fine.

Had to take it easy…

Allergies kicked in big time or so I thought, lol. Nit feeling that great in that department but I am getting better slowly and sure. In fact, I am going to get myself some cranberry juice and water and go back to bed for awhile. I can barely keep my eyes open right now and what Bing is doing, cat napping, seems likes a wonderful idea right now. Writing the past couple of days has been one of the things far from my mind right now for the past couple of days. Nothing much to say really right now, either.


Had a good day today … a fulfilling one at that as well. I will be going to bed here in a little bit as I am looking forward to going to church in the morning for the morning. Bing is doing just fine as well. I really do not have a lot to say as one can probably tell, lol. I just wanted to check in and say good night and God bless all of my Dear Diary friends and readers. I will be back tomorrow sometime.


Today was a good day. As a matter of fact, I did not do much of anything today accept read and watch recorded programs for the most part of the day. I enjoy reading and I would and could read a book in two days if I do not have anything else to do, lol. Now I am all set for the weekend for the most part. I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning for a bit. I got up a little after 9:30 this morning and enjoyed my day. Oh yeah, I did do a load of laundry this afternoon which was a few shirts but mainly a set of bed sheets. I am getting tired but not totally. I took an allergy pill a couple of hours ago and it has yet not made me too drowsy, lol. I do not know what is up with that but that is okay with me. I will be fine. I am sleeping in in the morning anyway…smiling at the thought at 10:25 p..m. Wisconsin time. Now I am looking forward to Saturday! I am going to say good night and God bless to all of my Dear Diary friends and readers and come back tomorrow if I can make it.

Another Quickie

All is fine here, Bing and I doing just fine. We had a fairly busy day right here at home. We enjoyed each others company. Right now Bing is sleeping on the bed in the living room and I am getting ready to go to bed here myself in a few minutes. Today was a beautiful day. I hope I can sleep good tonight. Did sleep okay last night but I laid in bed for a while before finally dozing off. I did have a good day today even though it was pretty much spent at home and in the building I live in. Today, because of my honesty about the pop machine goofing off giving me a pop when I didn’t put money into the machine, the gentleman who fills the pop machine gave me a free pop for my honesty due to the fact that i paid for the pop that was not paid for but I had gotten anyway. That was sweet of the pop man to give me a free pop for my honesty and paying for a pop that I got out of the machine. Telling the truth and being honest does have its rewards all the time sometime down the road when we do not expect it and the free pop was not expected. All I expected was paying for a pop that I had gotten out of the machine after i paid for one pop. In other words, at the time I had gotten two cans of pop for the price of one and all honesty it was not right of me to not pay for it so in the machine so the following day I had told the management what happened and gave her the money for the second can of pop I did drink. Also today, I had gotten the light fixture above my kitchen sink replaced because it was pretty much done for so the maintenance man who came today replaced the entire light fixture so now I have a working light above the sink. My friend RB called while I was out getting my exercise and flapping my jaws, lol, with other tenants who were in the community room playing bingo. I did not play. Just watched a couple of rounds, talked and listened. After that, I pretty much came home and got online for a while before retiring for the evening which is pretty much soon. I am tired. Had a good day. Somewhat unexpected but mainly expected.

This entry may have been a quickie … again maybe not, lol. My readers can be the judges today, tonight or tomorrow when they read this one, Good night my dear friends here at Dear Diary and God bless.

A Quickie

I just wanted to say hello. It is late and I need to go to bed now but I will be back tomorrow. Have things to do anyway online I have been putting off for the past few days anyway. You know, the more important stuff that needs to be done than playing games and chatting with friends, and writing…that knd of stuff, lol. Yes. I am wanting to check my finances for the month before it gets too late. I am waiting for one bill to clear now and one check to clear that I used for getting my hair done today.

Me, September 17, 2008
with hair tucked behind my ear a little bit

Me 2, September 17, 2008.3
fan was blowing my hair a little bit, lol

My Final Entry of The Day

With midnight of Wisconsin time just fifteen minutes or so away I better get to writing quickly, lol. Today, since I had written a very fast qjuickie, I did my laundry and picked up a little bit for my living skills coordinator to come by tomorrow, Tuesday, to do her cleaning and get out of here fast so I can have my day to myself until my Bible study comes. I did have a great day. My world is fine at the moment. CD and I got together for awhile during my laundry time and we chatted and watched television on the little television in the laundry room, and I read quite a bit while time slowly moved on. When I picked up my place a bit to make it livable again, my computer desk was picked up as well and it looks pretty good again. I still love my desk a lot. A friend of mine, who bought my computer windows computer, found this desk for me and I love it! It is an awesome desk! Not too big and not too small. It seems fine to the eye but every week my LSW always find a smell in my apartment and that is driving me crazy hearing about it every week anyway. I talked to my caseworker MM this afternoon and all is going well between us and my world seems to be heading in the right direction. We talked about my weekend and what I did, what I plan for the week until our next conversation on Friday. We chat every Monday and Friday at this time. I see my LSW on Tuesdays mostly unless I call or she calls to tell me she is not coming by for reasons of appointments, meetings, vacation, or I am not well. Even after my laundry was done and CD left for the day, with my door locked behind her to keep out the riff raff and people just opening the door, I went to take a quick nap that turned out to be until 11 p.m., lol. I should have just gone to bed but here I am a couple of minutes now before midnight Wisconsin time (CST) giving a quick update on my day.

I better sign off now and say good night and God bless for the night and come back tomorrow after my LSW and Bible study at 1 p.m. or so. Oh, don’t worry, my LSW will be gone within an hour after gets here — way before my Bible study arrives. I will be watching Bear as well tomorrow.