I Need to Vent Now —

When it comes to religion, politics, and sex, I have found these three topics hard to discuss growing up, in school during difficult times, and even today even though classes did require o discuss those topics in some and few classes. When it comes to my religion preferences or anyone’s religion preference, I will not go into a debate with anyone because it just ends up being a discussion of a lost battle in my book. I believe in God and God believes in me, and when I go to church should be no one’s business but my own. Yes, I did go to church this morning and I plan on going to church tomorrow as well so I can be among friends and family who are in my inner circle. I do not know who this DarrenLee is who commented on my diary tonight and I feel that he is attacking my beliefs in religion which I feel is stupid, childish, and nutty, and want him or her to please leave me alone and I will leave him or her alone along the way. I do not need the negativity of one’s beliefs of when we can go to church and to be very honest with you, if church services were everyday, I would be going to church services everyday! So be it! My life in religion is my own business and IF I want to share my thoughts on what I have learned from a sermon, whatever day it is, I will share it with the world if I want to. This is my place, my very special place, and I can and will write anything here within reason and vent my thoughts if need be. My world is my world and I will share it with anyone who cares to read my thoughts of the day. I have the right to vent and I have the right to be here just like everyone else. My place is my place and I will NOT allow anymore negativity in my home or in my personal life as much as I can along the way. I am a human being who makes mistakes like everyone else. My life is mine and mine alone. I got this far in life and I am going to go as far as I can go in my life until the day I go. My world is my world and negativity is out for good no matter what I fight to get it out. I have a life to live in a healthy manner and that is the way it is going to be, and I am not going to allow one person to dampen my hopes, dreams, and moments ever again. I sometimes have to tell like it is and leave it at that and go on with my life. Now my venting is done and I am NOT leaving Dear Diary! Dear Diary is my home!

8/23 – Had a Good Day All Day Long

I went to church this morning and the service was in one of our city parks today. A beautiful day it turned out to be for the church service outdoors. After the service we had potluck and time to chat with other members, and then a friend’s brother brought me home where I changed into something a little more comfortable and relaxed in the bedroom for a little bit with Bing, and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the living room watching recorded programs such as Law and Order, even though I have seen practically all of them by now in reruns since I began watching the program thanks to my mother who got me hooked on the program, lol. I even took a little nap on the bed with Bing either beside me or in the same room nearby like he is right now — just across the room napping on the bed while I am writing this entry. No jumping up here on the desk yet today, lol. As a matter of fact, it was two hours ago I got online to do my after Sabbath fun stuff anyway. I will retiring to bed for the night here in a few minutes so I can get up and ready to go to church in the morning again and then spend lunch at another park for a burger bash. Today was a good day all day long. Tomorrow will prove to be the same I gather, a good day all day long. I guess I will find out.

Tomorrow then? See you!