8/11 – Me and My Friend

Well, today has not been a totally bad day for either of us, RB and myself. Got the dishes done, laundry (a load of sheets), and clothes put away, and clean sheets put on the futon and daybed. Right now, as I write this, my friend is playing my Rubik’s Revolution game and having a fun time with it while I am sitting here just listening to the sounds of buttons being pushed and pushed, and pushed. It could drive an insane person further insanity I am afraid, lol. RB is sleeping in the living room tonight and I am sleeping on my futon. I guess I do not have to give my futon for RB tonight. Whew…thankfully.

8/11 – Highlight of My Moment

At the moment I am a little panicky and wishing that my friend RB was here – she is planning on spending the night with me as she said she was going to. Not much going on … beginning to wonder why I am panicky and I can not get the thought out of my head. Have no reason to oomprehend what set te panic off really at the moment. I am kind of scared, yes, and I just do not know what to do except wait for RB to get over here. My clock that GS gave me for my birthday needs a new battery put in it because the battery that is in it now is slowing way down and tume is a few hours off now but still ticking. I keep looking at that clock all the time and it is just bugging me somewhat horribly. I just wish I knew WHY this panic attack has come up and it just happened yesterday and I am still feeling it for the most part. I know I will be okay … it’s just the fact that my world is just flying in EVERY direction right now for some odd reason. I need to calm down. Dang, where did this panic attack come from. My friend JR said that panic attacks can just happen without a reason and I think my panic attack has no reason. My hormones could be raging a slight bit now, too, who knows. What’s happening to me?! RB will be here shortly, yay! Gotta run for now. Need to do something before I go crazy any further. Bye for now but will be back later weather permitting. We are expecting storms tomorrow but it does look iffy right now today on Monday. Bye for now.