8/1 – 2

Once again night is upon me and I will be heading to bed here shortly. I have been to MyYearbook and have been playing new games to get L$ for myself there and also the games are addictive. Thank goodness the Sabbath is upon me now and I can take a break from my game playing for awhile. Really not much going on right now. Finished my latest reading, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” by Mary Higgins Clark yesterday afternoon and I am going to begin reading a Agatha Christie mystery starring Hercule Poirot who is a detective in England. I forgot, temporarily the title of the book but the first chapter was read and I could not put it down. As for the rest of my day, since my first entry, nothing much really happened. Enjoyed the quietness of the apartment with no one calling me all day and so I relaxe for the most part. Did not get to my cleaning as I had hoped but did do some picking up, but the dishes still lay in the kitchen sink right now. I will do them tomorrow after sundown and get my dishes done at least tomorrow. I talked to my case worker today and we have been discussing the possibility that I may have sleep apnea which I have two symptoms of and I am not positive as well of my new sleeping arrangements on the futon in my bedroom is the cause of some sleepless hours or a restless night. I did have a dream about Bing Crosby here, my cat, and the dream consisted of three Bing Crosby cats and I could not tell who was who. Must’ve been thinking about the one “New” cat who is at the humane society now that is white with gold eyes, but none of my white cats or either of the three Bing Crosby cats in my dream had gold eyes. All the eyes were blue and gorgeous as always. Right now, my Bing Crosby kitty is sleeping in his resting spot underneath the kitchen table on one of the chairs … his char. Not sleeping in his fun house tonight. Oh well! Gotta have a change of pace once in a while and Bing is a change of pace kind of cat like his ol’ Momma here. Well, I gotta run for now. Have a great Friday everyone!


Welcoming another month into play here. Not much going on really. Just being me as usual and having a good day being with myself. Not much in plans right now. Staying home as far as I know at the moment as no plans have been made for the weekend. Talked to my caseworker today and we are going to see about getting a sleep test study done to check and see if I have sleep apnea due to the fact that I have a factor or two that could be sleep apnea. I am okay with that idea … just covering all my bases to make sure I am healthy. If time allows. I will write more later.