July 17 #2

At the moment, still up and getting ready for bed, I thought I would write another entry real quick. I did not do much today after I had gotten back from my appointment except had a former neighbor over briefly and then she left. I was going to have CD up earlier tonight but I did not feel like company at all when I had awakened from my little and unexpected nap. I guess I can kind of blame it on my hormones, lol. I got a tad bit moody this afternoon … that’s for sure. Anyway, Bing and I played a bit with his favorite feather on a stick and now he is probably waiting for me to retire for the night in my room and I am up later than usual tonight once again. I think, after I get done writing here, check a couple of things out, go to bed and do some Bible study before falling asleep — that’ll be my reading for tonight. I had taken a quick, unexpected shower this evening before 9 p.m. because I had clean myself up from having a wonderful, embarrassing accident in my pants and believe me, the embarrassment did not last very long because accidents do happen all the time and it was just my turn tonight — am okay and cleaned up good. The shower head I have is awesome and the new showerhead is the very reason why the embarrassment did not last long and I was able to reason with myself rationally within a few minutes … I LOVE MY SHOWER HEAD! I love to take showers now more so than I once did in the recent and far past. Now if someone told me to take a shower, I will surely do it without a fuss if I was younger or a little girl again, that’s for sure. Can’t take baths anymore … too many urinary track infections!!!! Knock on wood … not one this month since the last one was cleared up and taken care of … yay!

I better go for the night. Love all of you! God bless and sleep well!

July 17

What can I say about today? Saw a neighbor at the Job Center this morning and a high school colleague/friend all in one this morning. The appointment went well in and in August will be my next appointment. Got there physically just fine as well as home and on the way home it was surprising less stops on the way back home. I was proud of myself in that way. Still got tired and my legs still felt a little weak but not as bad today as in the weeks prior to the last few weeks before last Tuesday when medication was changed from day to night. I did, unfortunately, fall asleep while watching my Law & Order: CI TV program but I believe my sleep was needed. Slept in the living room and woke up ready to go for te evening again even though the weather right now looks like a storm is on its way into the city but I am not worried about that because I ALWAYS turn off my computer and unplug it. I hate to have my computers up and running or plugged in during a storm … heard to many horror stories of surges zapping computers even the best surge protectors that cost megabucks.

As for the rest of my day … nap happened and time escaped me quickly and so fast that when I had awakened, I did not realize that so many minutes had passed. I felt so embarrassed that sleep comes so naturally for me after a big day as this morning was at DVR … not a bad appointment today … really looking forward to finding work more so now than I did before school ended. Excitement is in the air.

If I have a chance … I will be back later … tomorrow for sure!