July 9

Today has been a fairly good day. I did have an appointment with my DVR counselor this afternoon so I did some walking and got some exercise going and and getting back. Bing was waiting patiently when I returned home and as soon as I sat down and took my shoes off, he was right there waiting patiently for his loving time. Walking to and fro did me very good and I did not mind it but on the way to and from, my legs felt a little weak but I kept going at it very slowly; The appointment went well today. Even before I had left I had stopped by the manager’s office and told her I was probably not going to the potluck or the meeting because my walking to and from my appointment will be enough for the day for me and by the time I get back from my appointment I would have been tired. She did try to convince to come to the potluck and the meeting because there was going to be birthday cake and ice cream for desert. That did not even strike me fancy this time even though the birthday cake was for June and July birthdays and my was July 3rd … my 38th birthday … a good day it was and I am still on cloud nine about my birthday because I had checked the mail today and found a birthday card and a gift of money for my birthday from my parents who live in Arkansas, and today I got my graduation/birthday gift from my New Mexico parents, and so I had a field day with more neat gifts. I could not have asked for me. Anyway, to get on with my day, the potluck and meeting is now over and a neighbor called me at 6 p.m. and told me she did not go down to potluck or planned not to go to the meeting because of the fact that she did not want to face any drama tonight, and personally, I did not want to either in other aspects of what these meetings end up going in most cases. Anyway, tonight bed is going to be early tonight … in a few minutes — before 8 p.m. so I can rest up for going to the Brewer game tomorrow in Milwaukee, and I have a new book / used book to read. Finished reading The Messenger yesterday/last night. I will be back tomorrow.

My Private Thoughts For Now

My appointment with my DVR counselor went well. I really want a job now and I just need to get myself physically capable for the next step in job hunting. I am still excited about looking for work even though my physicalness is telling me differently from time to time these days or the past three years. I am done job shadowing now and having two job shadowing experiences is all that can be done for now in the field that I am now educated for … accounting. I am seriously looking forward to working with my DVR counselor and whoever I will be working with during my job hunting search. All is good at this time. For the next several weeks, I will be working with someone in looking for work and I have to put aside job searching once a week. The idea of searching for a week is a good idea … physically fit or not. It will have to be … I want that job BADLY enough. I can do it.