Went to Wal-Mart Today

I had to seriously think what I wanted for graduation the past few days and finally got what I wanted and needed, and most importantly some fun stuff too. See pictures below.

Graduation Gift #5
Sudoku Electronic game

Graduation Gift #2

Oscillating fan #2

Graduation Gift #1

Oscillating fan #1, got on Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Graduation Gift #4

Rubiks Revolution – a mind boggling game but FUN!
Graduation Gift #3

Shower Head — Works GREAT too! Already tried it tonight and it felt soooooo good! Ahhh! Life in the shower is going to be more grand now, lol. Love IT!

I am enjoying myself tonight —- already played a couple of games on the Rubiks revolution today and found myself mystified, going real fast at competing and my goodness,. it is AMAZINGLY addictive!!! I do recommend it if you WANT a CHALLENGE OR TWO OR ALL 5 GAMES! Sudoku is something I want to learn and play since I love numbers — did not go for my accounting degree for nothing now believe it or not. Love the idea of a challenge.

So there you have ’em. If you think I am a braggart, sorry about that. I am just excited, that’s all.


I want to thank all of you for understanding my feelings the other day when I had gotten a comment from someone I did not feel comfortable with. The very person, a diarist here at DD as well, gave me uncomfortable feelings and I banned him and deleted his comment finding out that he is nothing but negative and I have been excluding negativity in my life these past several weeks in order to grow positive and happy and comfortably. It is one of those things that I have been working in my life lately along with being properly medicated and staying out of negative situations. Thanks for everything!!!