July 1

The first day of July has come and it is playing its first day right now. Today my cleaning lady LB came by and cleaned the bathroom, swept and mopped the floors, and did say that my place is doing okay. However, a neighbor was outside in the hallway and could hear LB talking about body odor, and that made my neighbor a little unhappy. My neighbor told me that LB needs to be a little more quieter when it comes to talking about personal things such as body odor and such. LB said there was a funky odor in my apartment but no one else can smell … even I cannot smell it after leaving my apartment for a while and coming back in. That is the oddest thing with some people. But before LB came over and cleaned, we went to Dollar General and I got a new oscillating fan and two new pillows. I got a couple of other things as well but those things were what I needed. My big oscillating fan that I had gotten a couple of years ago broke the other day when I tripped on the cord coming from the bathroom going back into my bedroom — dummy me, but it was not the end of the world for me but for the fan because the cord broke where it was broken before a couple of years ago. The new fan I got is nice and lighter, and cheaper, but the fan that broke, which was a $50 item is going to be greatly missed; That is the only downfall of the expensive fan breaking for the second time in two years .., phooey; Yes, I was mad as a hornet for a while but I got over it quickly. I just had to get new oscillating fan much sooner than I expected that’s all. Again, phooey all!

After LB, I went for a quick walk around the building with my neighbor who happened to have heard LB talking about body odor loudly in my apartment. I was planning on going to get a can of pop but learned that the machine was broken and will be removed from the premises because someone had decided to break it to the point that you would get more than one can of pop for the price of one, which I have found stupid in a way because someone idiotic has to be so dumb to do such criminal acts. I just people would just grow up around here. The people that do enjoy it really want to enjoy it here but some later realize that it was a big mistake in the long and will later move out. People are just downright dumb around here these days. That is one reason of several why I stay close to my apartment now and do not bother visiting other neighbors much anymore like I once did; Word gets around if you do not keep to yourself anymore these days. Satan has a hold of this place real good. I even want out of here too but I am not in any financial shape or physical shape to move again or at least move at this time. I want that job pretty darn quick ..;. that’s for sure; I did NOT waste any money going into college to not have a job … that’s for sure!

In a way, venting as I have done, I do have to admit that today, of all days, two days before my birthday — I will be 38 and looking forward to having a good Thursday here at home doing nothing … nothing at all. I have a fairly busy week this week and it started today with my cleaning lady LB coming by this morning for an hour and then my Bible study, and then time for myself. Bing and I slept in my bedroom for a while at two hours came and went very quickly in sleep. I even had a dream … not a pleasant at that either. No my TV has been on only an hour or so today and I am in no hurry turning it on now either when I have two hours of TV time anyway. This TV time and doing other things has grown on me and I enjoy having less noise in my place now. I love my bedroom a lot now … more than I did two years ago when I began sleeping out in the living room. I just wonder how in the world I stopped sleeping in my bedroom for two years in the first place … noise from the neighbor being one of those reasons of course but now I have white noise in there every minute I am in there.

My world does seem to be okay today … hopefully tomorrow will prove to be the same.

Oh yes, I did get some pictures of my graduation even though it was after the 21st. I will add pictures later …. for sure.

Such Beings … Why??

I have no idea as to why some people act the way they do sometimes … one day nice and then the next day not nice at all. I have gotten to really like Teamster Manor again but some of the people I am not all sure about yet … full or not or just about there anyway, I have grown attached to some of the people here and do not wish to see them leave or I leave, but the way things are going around here, I just want to practically choke the next door neighbor who treats me like crap one day and nicey nice the next or pretty close to it. Some people, in this case, this next door neighbor of mine, has to grow up and stop being such a big jerk and own up to problems without being an ass about things … knowing that he has instigated some of the crap that has been pulled around here. Even today, a neighbor had to tell him to please give me room so I could get out of the office and go home. This very same neighbor, the one who acts like a jerk more of the time than nicey nice lately, is one person I wish would just be patient and give up his stupid antics now and grow up for once. I do not care if he is in 40’s anymore. I am pretty darn close to it myself and I am not sure about the 40s myself at the moment, but I will be there living every moment .. every moment that is. Such beings live these days and I wonder why more of the time than not; Am I going to answer the door to this neighbor anymore? No, I am not. I am just going to ignore this person altogether to give him a message to please leave me alone from now on. I do not feel comfortable around him much anymore because of his attitude always being of the nature of complaining about another neighbor I am also avoiding to some extent too to give her her space that she so desires. I will be kind to this neighbor if I ever run into her in the hallway but I am not going to go out of my way for some people anymore. I need to take care of myself more than I have lately. I have a life I need to live too.