July 31 – Since I am still up, lol

I have to be very honest with you at this hour of the night. I was planning on retiring to bed around 9 p.m. or so but http://www.myyearbook.com has some new games to play to earn what they call lunch money so people who have accounts there can earn lunch money and buy things for their website there to pretty it up or make it look fantastic, and time escaped me with the greatest passion of all … GAMES and more GAMES! Yes, I am addicted to http;//www.myyearbook.com and I love the website very much … truly, but in all honesty, is the website worth losing sleep over because I am kept awake at odd hours of the night … in this case wee hours of the early morning hours of some people’s work day? All in honesty to all, I NEED A JOB NOW in order to get away from my computer, the internet, and the telephone. Life on the computer is good to some point but not to be able to bed at a decent hour and I am planning on doing laundry today, when? My neighbor/friend CD will help me. I think, before I lose more sleeping hours, I will say good night or in this case for many, good morning and time for a little nap!

Please pray for CD. She has a female issue going on right now and she will be going to the doctor about this personal issue to see what can be done about it or if surgery is the next option. Thanks! CD means the world to me and if she gets scared, we want her to know that God is going to be with her no matter what she goes through in her life as well as having me not too far away. CD is such a sweet lady. Thanks! Update will be given once I find out anything new when CD gets more information.

Oh yea, because it is 3 a.m. in the morning, I hope to be back online later today sometime giving the weather cooperates. Looks like we are expecting more thunderstorms today but haven’t yet gotten anything at this hour, lol. I believe what I see now-a-days than what I hear or read in the paper or online now-a-days unless I am doing research for a project for myself. Gotta run. I do have to use the bathroom, lol. TMI, I know?! Night!

July 30

This is going to be a quick one so forgive me, okay. Not much really happened today except just being lazy and not making that many phone calls out and only one call came in so far today. Our personal door to door Milk Man came by today instead of tomorrow because he won’t be around tomorrow, so he was making all his trips around town today with his truck. I feel so lazy-like all day and of course, with that, hardly any television was watched so far at this hour, and boredom is not in the picture. Just laziness I can not shake off. I was planning on having my laundry done today, too, phooey all! Going to wait and dp my laundry tomorrow along with other personal things before CD goes away for the weekend again and I will be taking care of Oreo for the weekend again. Having too much company this week just kind of scares me a bit and on Monday, Bing and I had a lot of company in one day at different times of the day. It was fine and good but for some reason my world just seems to take on a different mood today — less spirited and upbeat today. Don’t know why, either. Anyway, I am almost done reading a book, a book written by Mary Higgins Clark toted “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. I just finished chapter 84 a few minutes ago and then decided to get online for a while and hit the hay and read some more. This sumer has been filled with reading this book and that book and all the books I have read so far have been very hard to put down, too. There are 99 chapters in this book and I am just about done and these chapters are very short and sweet and to the point. Dr. Charles Smith has been shot too death by a gunman who rang the doorbell until he answered the door. I wonder how the story is going to pan out now. Hmmm? Gotta find out I guess.

I am beginning to realize that this is not a short blog after all, lol. Oh well, that’s okay I guess. Gotta get my thoughts out in the open sometimes in order to escape the constant need to write something down, right? Anyway, my little toe, next to “Littlle Piggy went to market” toe (the fourth toe) was bruised yesterday while stubbing it against my “Mr Trusty” cane of all places — MY CANE! Dang, it is black and blue and sore, but not broken, thankfully. Taking Tylenol for arthritis took care of the arthritic pain I have experienced yesterday and today, but not the soreness of the bruised/stubbed fourth toe (left foot of course), and I am not laughing about it. It does hurt enough to notice the nagging ache it shoots off, but thankfully I will be okay. I had that toe broken before several years ago stubbing it harshly before — not funny then either.

I guess tomorrow I will do my laundry, do my dishes, and get other personal things done. I am also going to have company over for a while. CD is such a good person to hang around with. I am just sorry that my moods have had a little down time today – not depression I HOPE NOT! I hope is just because I am in need of time for myself again. who knows. Bedtime is about an hour or so away from now and I can wait for that hour even though time does seem to have no affect on me today. Time is slower than molasses right now. Bing is doing what I wish I was doing right now — sleeping away the slowness of time. I am okay otherwise. Just a tad bit tired. I think I escaped reality long enough today or too long altogether today. Who really knows. The crickets are singing their nightly songs now around here. Hmmm, bed time is short to come, whew … I’ve also had a slight headache for the early morning to mid morning hours that has given its adverse affects of an eye ache on top of it that Tylenol took the edge off at some point. I will be okay. Did shower to help take care of the pain and aches I have dealt with the past two days now. Stupid TOE! Ouch!

I guess that concludes my day of thought and a little more than I expected to write really, but that is the way I am sometimes. Good night and God Bless.

July 29 – A Moment

Let me take a moment here before retiring to bed for the night. Once CD leaves my place, I am going to lock up for the night and go to bed early. The television has been on seldom today and I have a feeling it is going to be on seldom tomorrow as well. I am tired now and wanting to get some sleep as bad as it may sound. 8 p.m. is early to bed for me but I have gone to bed earlier than that some nights in the past, so tonight’s bedtime at 8 p.m. is not all that terribly early… I am going to read and then go to bed. Mary Higgins Clark is one author I can not put down more of the time of other books I have read throughout the summer. All is okay, just wanting to turn in early. I do not know what my Wednesday is going to be like.

July 28 – Whoa!

I can not believe that Sunday went by so quickly — of course it would have because I slept for the most part of it or all day long until 5 p.m.. Today was a better day than yesterday I can guarantee that spot a good one, believe me. Had my Bible Study today instead of tomorrow due to a possible conflict with my cleaning gal LB coming over for a bit. I did not get laundry done as planned, though, oops! I will get it done tomorrow, that’s for sure! Just not before Lisa oomes by and helps clean what I have difficulty with. Even Bing Crosby here had someone who wanted to see him today and I was not about to deny his people visiting. Someone from the RCHS dropped by today to see him and he was so very happy and playful, and as usual, a show off, lol. After his company left and my Bible study left, I had the entire day to myself and Bing pretty much lazied about in the recliner and the desk/computer chair which I had so nicely removed him from so I could sit at the computer a while … he seems to want my desk/computer chair whenever I need or want to use it lately, lol. Smart cat! Bing is always good, though. No arguments about him at all. He was a good boy all day long.

I know I have been writing short and sweet lately but I have been busy and just now getting tired. I do have a big day tomorrow and I will, weather permitting of course, be back tomorrow. If not, Wednesday for sure unless the weather does not permit me to do so otherwise. We have been expecting storms lately but none have come to play which I find a little odd because the weather has been cooling off, warming up. and getting hot these days. I still do not have too much faith in weatherpersons on television these days but only go by my instinct and vision of what I see personally myself. Weatherpersons have been wrong enough times for me to only see what I see now-a-days is acurate. Do I sound too harsh here? I hope not because that is not my intentions here. I am just expressing my feelings here right now.

Well, I better go for the night. Bye.

July 27 – Where Did My Day Go?

My day went in the midst of sleeping until practically 5 p.m. in the afternoon is where my day went! Dang! CD got home from being out of town a little before 7 p.m. and so she came up for a visit and watched television with me for a while, and then she left to spend time with her cat Oreo who missed her terribly while CD was on her weekend getaway, and when CD came up here to visit, I bet Oreo thought that her mommy left her again, lol. Anyway, CD left a bit after 9 p.m. where I decided to get online here and check things out before retiring for the night. Gotta run for now. Have a fairly big day tomorrow as well and pretty much have a busy week … whoo hoo!

July 26

Not much really happening today … just being lazy once again. Always seem to have some difficulty with my muscles more so on the weekends than on the week days, which I find kind of odd and frustrating because I love to go to church and have not gone to church in a long time … it seems that way anyway. I am going to take it easy this weekend other than taking care of CD’s cat Oreo who is been found hiding under the bed again while I made sure she was okay and doing fine without CD around as CD went out of town to visit family this weekend again to be with family. I even took the day and watched a neighbor’s dog while she spent the day out of town with family shopping, and my friend/neighbor’s dog was a good ol’ pup for me ALL day long. Otherwise I can say that my weekend was not too bad so far, and I am looking forward to seeing my neighbor’s dog again Thursday!!! Yep, watching him again then.

July 25 – Fantastic Friday

I went out with a friend to our local Moose Lodge in our city and we went out to eat for fish there and listened to the music while were there until after the Moose Heart prayer and drawing. LS and I did not win the drawing but I do remember winning 50 cents in the pull tabs games they have out every Friday night. I am seriously thinking and planning on becoming a Moose Lodge member our local lodge. I am so excited about the idea, too! They have some wonderful catfish out there to eat Friday nights and fun things along with it during the rest of the week.

July 24 – A Quickie … I Hope, LOL

What can I really say about today? A busy one at that and tomorrow I am going to be busy as well getting things done around here for a quiet Saturday of doggie sitting for a neighbor and going back to church on Sunday … woo hoo! Today ran a couple of errands, folded my clothes, worked on my clothes in my bedroom closet until Bing’s play date came. All was fine after the first 30 minutes between Bing and his play date Bear. Bing was frightened of Bear but Bing, excuse me for expressing it this way, sucked it up and tolerated it. Bing is still slightly mad at me but I know he will be over it in a while. He is one feline who does not hold any grudges as far as I have had him in my life. Bing is usually fond of other animals of either variety – feline or canine, and that surprised me about his reaction to Bear, and with Bing’s reaction I do have to admit that Bing understood that I was not happy with his behavior and he cooled down under the futon. When I had told Bing that I was not happy about his behavior I told him that he could go under the futon and cool down and as soon as I said get under the futon and cool down, he scurried away quickly under the futon. Never have I scolded him like that ever and this was my first time ever scolding him like that, too. I believe he understood what I was saying to him and he did get along with Bear the rest of the evening.

Had company up for awhile and it was great!

July 23 – Today

Today was another GOOD day today. Busy as always. Got my trash taken care of, my vacuum cleaner was put together (neighbor helped with it actually), had company over, and just had a good day today. CD and I spent the afternoon and evening together for supper again tonight and she played with Bing and watched television with me tonight, and here I am still up as usual — late again. Liam Nesson is supposed to be on a evening talk show and I want to see him so badly because I really enjoy him as the voice of Aslan and Aslan is my favorite character of the Chronicles of Narnia series. I have seen Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Narnia: Prince Caspian. Gotta see Liam Nesson. I know the voice well but really have not gotten the man down pat yet, but I have watched movies with LN as one of the actors. Dang, I am so hung up on Liam Neeson now, oh oh oh! :)

Tomorrow is another FUN day unless RB does not make it. It will be a fun day even if she does not make it because I have a dog sitting job tomorrow evening and his name is Bear and I am looking forward to having Bear here tomorrow. WOO HOO!

Okay, I NOW KNOW WHAT LIAM NEESON looks like and tomorrow sometime I am going to put in the Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tomorrow to see and hear Aslan’s voice again (I mean Liam Neeson’s voice, lol)… A fan of Aslan’s you are a fan of Liam Neeson, too, I hope! LOL…

July 21 #2

Where did this day go? Well…I can answer that with a passion from my heart. Had my Bible study come a little before 10:30 a.m., got my laundry ready and done before 2 p.m. – started it at 12 noon, read a good book written by Mary Higgins Clark, watched a little bit of television – recorded shows of course, ha my friend CD over for a while after she returned from Dollar General store just across the street from here, and we visited, and after she left, I took a quick shower and washed up for tomorrow’s shopping spree at Wal-Mart with LB my cleaning lady. We are even going out to eat at a Mexican restaurant nearby Wal-Mart. Honestly, you might think I am strange or weird because I am going shopping for a vacuum cleaner, and I am looking forward to it greatly, lol. I have other things I want to get as well no doubt but I have to sleep on it to some extent except the fact that Bing needs to have more food in the house before he runs out completely. The food he has for now is fine and good but he does eat well for my Little Man of my life, that’s for sure. As for the rest of me, time to hit the hay soon — it is NOT going to be another late nighter. Have had too many of those lately and if I have anything I want to say after shutting up shop for the night, I will have my trusty notebook right there by me to write anymore thoughts if any come up before 12 midnight and I will share my thoughts tomorrow by recording it on the day the thought was written. I had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning and it won’t happen again especially if I have a job! No more sleeping in until 10 a.m. or like Sunday. 3 p.m. in the afternoon! That was outrageous and amazing on my part. Oh well, life is a mystery everyday.