June 20 – 3

I am on the verge of going to bed now. I am siting in my bedroom where I have been since a little after 5 p.m. The television did not interest me today for some reason so I did not have it on for very long. That’s okay, though. I have my laptop fired up right now and on it to come here and write my last entry of the day — in this case 10 p.m. evening. I think I will retire to bed here shortly as I have a big day tomorrow and want it to be as perfect as possible with no problems unless God has other plans for us tomorrow otherwise I will be in Milwaukee tomorrow going through my graduation ceremony tomorrow. YIKES! I think I better go. Good night everyone!

June 20 – 2

Here I am, not bored or complaining that I do not have anything to do because I have things to keep me occupied and busy. Right now, as silly as it may sound, the television is of no interest to me so the television is not even on. I did turn it on for a little while at 4 p.m. but turned it off after watching a couple of recorded programs from earlier in the week but shut if off and decided to do something else. For the first time in a while I decided to fire up my laptop and get on it for a while. It just seems so peaceful and quiet here right now for me that I wanted to do something different. I am not sick or anything. Just decided to change a few things in my life that would and should benefit me more. One of those changes, as I have talked about before, is changing where I sleep at night, even though I have napped a couple of times on the bed in the bedroom since Sunday, but slept all night long in the bedroom since Sunday night. Last night was my first night I slept through from 11 p.m. – 10 a.m. without waking up once because I forgot where I was at or had to run to the bathroom — oops, TMI, sorry about that, lol. Oh well, gotta go sometime, right? Yep. Anyway, all is fine. Bored of me yet? Don’t answer that! LOL