Ok People!!!!

I do not know how much more crap I can take from this building I live in anymore. Many people/tenants are acting like babies around here. It makes the activities that have been going on not fun anymore because of the crap that people have pulled. It stinks around here a lot and it stinks badly at times. That is why I have secluded myself from people. Even when a tenant’s daughter said what she said to me this past Tuesday broke my heart because I did not do a damn thing to her mother or her. I was so hurt, bawled for 3 hours and ever since then, been careful with everyone. I am not wanting anymore disappointments. I get emotionally sick and scared so easily at times and I need not to get sick again. I just ended another UTI a few days ago. I got sick enough with this last UTI that I hurt enough and had to be put on the right antibiotic. I could not even stand myself I was hurting enough. I just wish that I could make a wish and everyone I want to disappear do disappear. Especially those babies in here. Also, the property management’s daughter who is a tenant here too does not need anymore crap coming and going to her either, and she is getting sick and tired of it. I read her blog today and she said that her dad wants her to move on out of here because of the crap that is going on. His daughter is only a tenant as well as the cleaning person, but it does not mean that tenants can go to her and bitch and complain. She will call her father and talk to him about it. I hate it when people come to me with their problems too because I have my own and I can get sick real easy because I forget to take care of myself when i get too deep in other problems outside my own that can cause my little problems bigger for me to handle myself. It is how I am, a person who wears her heart on my sleeve and people have taken advantage of that to a point because I have allowed it for one. Anyway, the crap that has been going on is wearing on me now, and I just do not know which direction to take except go on ahead, who to believe anymore except for Tom, Judie, and Sommers Reality people, and the daughter who lives in this building; I can not wait to get away from here for the day this coming Saturday.

4:30 p.m.

I am not sure if I am going to be back online tonight or not because I am tired from my day already. I had an appointment with my counselor this morning and then ran another quick errand before coming home for the day. I have, pretty much relaxed all day long since I have been back home after 2 p.m. this afternoon. It was a long morning but a very good day altogether I have to admit and say. I have my cleaning lady coming tomorrow and then Bible study but I am not going anywhere as no plans have been officially made yet. One of my errands I had to do today was get my monthly labs drawn for the month in regard to my 20 year old transplanted kidney and so I hope I do not hear anything from my coordinator tomorrow. If I don’t then I know things are fine and good for another month. Ever since I have been home, Bing and I have been chilling out. I slept well on the futon in the bedroom last night and when I got home, my first priority was to see Bing and get relaxed again. I decided to relax in the bedroom and read, which I have been doing for the past hour or so now. I am done reading now for a while anyway. Bing is right here with me, laying right on the desk while I am on the computer, that silly cat of mine. He has been a very good boy all day las well as happy. I have to admit that I have seen Bing happy but the happy I have seen the past couple of days. He has been a different happy and I am very pleased. I believe he is happier now because I am happier. Last night bedtime was an awesome time for both of us. I slept good on my futon and I am very happy about that. Ever since I have been home now, what I have only done now is rest, read, and play and cuddle with Bing. Seriously, my television has not been on since after 9 p.m. last night when JS came up for a few minutes before we both headed down to another neighbor’s apartment to visit for a while. By then I felt tired, but I didn’t get home until 11:30 p.m. I was glad to be home by then and go to sleep in my bedroom.

That is pretty much it for my day today. Nothing new to really report or say this afternoon, except that I am leaving for the rest of the day and night and returning back here tomorrow on a happy note tonight and tomorrow. I am a woman and we all know what women go through each month and I have one of those weeks beginning, and so I hope I do not have my woman of the month stuff going on on Saturday for my graduation. Trust me, I hate those time of the month things but GLAD I get my monthly on time every month for the past twenty years since my kidney transplant. Having my time of the month when I was a teenager was a horror story in itself because of the my former kidney failure and the need of a transplanted kidney. I won’t even tell that horror story now, either. Anyway, today was a nice day. I even waited for my ride to my appointment at 10:30 a.m. outside as I read a book while waiting patiently. The weather is nice, warm, and cool in the shade. i even waited for my ride to my next appointment because it was nice out then too, even though we are being surrounded by water everywhere downtown due to flooding issues.

I will be back tomorrow sometime. Good bye for now and have a good night’s rest. I know I will! Tada for now.