To No Surprise —- 12:40 a.m.

RB and I are still up even though I am feeling tired — too excited about the new outlook of my bedroom. I do not think that Saturday night can come any quicker or can it? With time almost 1 a.m., I do have to admit that time has gone rather slowly yesterday for the most part until RB got here. Time did seem a little slow at the start and I did not feel that great emotionally all day long yesterday for some odd reason. I am just a little bit frustrated yet or should I say that I am a little more frazzled than frustrated to some point. I have been staying up late the past three nights because sleep has not been that easy to find … even with taking an antihistamine to help me be a little sleepy after 10 p.m.. Tonight the antihistamine did not work very well. I do feel relaxed though. I am okay otherwise. One more night sleeping on my bed in the living room. Being up late, past 10 p.m. again for the third night in a row is to no surprise really. Oh well, that’s life I guess. Tonight I will sleep in my bedroom again, and I hope my cleaning lady LB likes the layout of my bedroom Tuesday. I love it!!!

More later …. RB is going to be here until her husband gets off of work after 10 p.m. tonight but I do intend to be back before that and after that. RB and I are going to a candle party that a neighbor is throwing this afternoon in twelve hours from now. More later ….

An Evening Entry — 9:37 p.m.

What a day today turned out to be … a good day for the most part. My friend RB, unless she decides to go home tonight, will stay over tonight as well. Do I mind? Nope. She has been a big help today and last night with arranging my bedroom, cleaning my living room to some point, and just being here. Bought her supper tonight at Pizza Hut — delivered of course! The P’zones are back for their seasonal yummy treat, and I HAD TO HAVE ANOTHER P’ZONE! I love their calzone pizzas so very much. Even JS joined us after 7 p.m. tonight for supper, even though both RB and I were done with our supper by the time she arrived. JS had some work to do and did apologize for being late. Unless RB changes her mind about staying another night, I am not going to be sleeping my bedroom again tonight, lol Tomorrow night I will though — no matter what tomorrow night.

At the moment I am totally unsure of the fact if I will be online at all tomorrow because we are expecting thunderstorms again tomorrow throughout the day but if there is a break in the weather and it is okay to be online, I will be here — otherwise Monday I will be back for sure after my appointments in the morning … Weather permitting is what I have to count on from day to day at this point.

Anyway, today was a good day. RB and I went to a candle party for JS, who invited us both, and I booked a book party under JS .. different from having a candle party like today. I did enjoy myself but I was glad to get back up to my place of safety and have time alone with RB for a while. JS came up around 7 p.m. tonight to eat with us and be with us for awhile before going on with her evening with other friends.

Right now RB is napping and her husband will be here shortly — after work to drop some groceries for her before leaving again for home. I am tired myself but do not want to go to sleep yet even though I want to for once. I will be back tomorrow if weather permits. Bing is sleeping on the recliner where RB last sat before going to take a nap in the bedroom. Bing has slept with RB all night long and now he is with me .., not a traitor tonight, liol. Bkng has been a Benedict Arnold, lol. Naw, not really as I do have Bing in my life 24/7. Bing is my socialite cat, that’s for sure. I just can not wait to share a big bed with Bing tomorrow night, though. One more night on my living room bed.