An Evening Entry —- 9 p.m. Entry

I am thinking of retiring to bed early tonight … a little earlier than normal. I am stil going to take my medication at 10 p.m. but once my medication is taken at 10, I am planning on snuggling under the covers for the night and get some sleep. I have to get up early in the morning to clean, go to the credit union, and do a little bit of shopping for Bing. Yes…Bing is running ouy out of cat litter and I need to get some before I clean his box again or he will not have enough. Otherwise the afternoon after 2 p.m. is my time after my cleaning lady comes and my Bible study leaves. I am already getting tired and dreading the idea of getting up before 9 a.m. so tomorrow night I am planning on going to bed probably early as well as sleeping in.

Thought I would come and say good night.

An Afternoon Entry —- 3:34 p.m. Entry

I know it has been about three hours since I have written last, lol, but all is good. Got my interview done for the Teamster Manor newsletter awaiting for another interview in the prospects yet. My friend/neighbor CD is going to be one of the featured tenants of this month and I am excited for her as she is excited, too. I do enjoy doing the newsletter with the manager but finding tenants who are interested in being in the newsletter is the hard part. Why bother such people who just do not want to be in the spotlight really tugs the heartstrings. Some people just know how to make fun such a chore sometimes! I hate people like that …. moving from here would be a good idea in this regard. Wanting my own place is such a wonderful idea so I do not have to contend or deal with some neighbors. But I am glad that my place feels like my place once again after such a slump. I feel I live in such a complicated world sometimes.

I did my cleaning, organizing, and got what I wanted done. I am even taking the time to read H.R.H written by Danielle Steel and it is a good book …. a very good book. The television is on the Disney Channel on Fineas and Ferb and that is such a silly, funny, crazy cartoon. Can’t wait until 4 p,.m. when the Replacements are on. I like that show for a good laugh and to satisfy the inner child in myself. My day seems to go by rather quickly but a nice quick. Gotta run for the time being again. Will be back, weather permitting, later tonight (if not tomorrow). We have been having foul weather lately.