Catching Up

Since Dear Diary did not allow me to get online since practically the 1st of June or I have been super duper busy, I do have to admit that I will be catching up on some back entries to give my friends an update of what has been going on since May left us and June popped in. Right now I am tired and wanting to get to sleep soon and it has been one of those weekends and weeks, I am not going to really say much here tonight. I did get my new glasses finally and I am wearing them right now — otherwise I won’t be able to see as I read and write, lol. I can see distance well without glasses but words on paper or on a computer screen will not happen for me these days. I do have to admit that Bing is doing great and he has been such a good boy all day long and when company came up for a visit. Bing really loves his Aunt CD so very much. I do not know how many times Bing got brushed today, but he loved every minute of othe brushing and wanted more. What a cat I tell ya. I am glad, at this hour of the night, at 10:15 p.m. that have time for myself for a while before retiring to bed and that is one good reason why I am here right now. I do not expect my phone to ring anytime soon now especially after this hour of the night unless it is an emergency anyway. I am tired now after not having the best night’s sleep for the past few days now — Friday is when I believe the sleepless nights began for some reason or another — a mystery not yet solved and I doubt this mystery will be solved. Np rush on finding an answer anyway.

Going to say good night quickly and come back tomorrow … unless Dear Diary is not accessible again.

For Some Reason

For some reason I have been having difficulty getting on Dear Diary to write here and wondered if others were having difficulties as well. It just seemed like an eternity waiting patiently for the page to be up and running if there was problems for the past couple of days. If there was no problems with Dear Diary then I could not even begin to understand what caused the webpage not to come up for me for the past couple of days now that it is up and running. I did not know where to go really as I have really found a place here at Dear Diary and it is a great pleasure to be here. I have met real nice people here during my duration at Dear Diary and there are no intentions of leaving here unless Dear Diary itself becomes a non-existent site one day, which I hope it does not ever leave, too.