My Last Entry of The Night

I am up late again tonight but again I had fun with my friend CD today and evening. I am not at all upset that she chose not to spend the night because I understand that she has her own place and other obligations at home like her cat, Oreo. I do not know, seriously, if she would have been too comfortable sleeping here tonight anyway because it is so hot up here and I understand that she wants to spend more time with Oreo, that precious cat she has. Anyway, I am pretty much ready to go bed for the night myself and I have to get up early for breakfast and having at lest 7 hours of sleep will be enough for me but anything below 6 to 5 hours of sleep does not do me the best. I am not surprised that I am not really tired right now because of the nap I took earlier, oops! Naps do me in sometimes!! But with time going on midnight here in fifteen minutes, I’d rather be in bed sleeping right now. Bing is sleeping in the recliner right now. He’s misses CD right now. Bing just loves CD so much!

Well, I better sign off for the night and I will be back tomorrow sometime. It has been a very busy couple of days for me and tomorrow will be another busy day for me, and I want to have time for myself to work on one of my pages I am a member of. Myspace page is acting up for some reason so I am going to be redoing it over the weekend starting tomorrow morning after breakfast, and after company leaves if JR stays over for awhile before other plans. I personally hope that JS will see JR tomorrow but we shall see. Good night. Time for music relax time before getting under the covers for the rest of the night. GN.

Tomorrow’s Plans

I have plans tomorrow to have breakfast out with a very good friend of mine at Cracker Barrel. Have not been there in a while now and I know their food is delicious and starchy. The idea, with a full stomach from supper yet, does not sound to pleasant at the moment, but by 7 a.m. when I get up in the morning to get ready to go, I bet I will work up some appetite. Only God knows. My appetite has been kind of off these past few weeks off and on and it is driving me crazy. But I do love Cracker Barrel all the same. Then, after breakfast, I want to do my laundry sometime tomorrow or Sunday, and I hope I am not too lazy. Not being able to sleep well last night has given me a napping moment today and I have not had a nap for a week until today. Oh well, life’s a mystery everyday, every minute no matter where we turn or what we do. Our lives are well lived too. Bing can get along without me for a while … he is getting better at being left alone now, and it has been a 1 1/2 since I adopted the “Little Man” of my life. Silly cat! I love him to pieces though and my love for him will not lessen. I better stop gushing, lol.