Good Night

Time for me to get ready for bed. Actually stayed up later than usual tonight but that’s okay. Tomorrow will be another day. Did have fun tonight and enjoyed my company, and Bing is still under the desk sleeping./napping … that silly boy (cat of mine, lol). Will be back tomorrow. Good night.

Did Find Bing, LOL

Okay dokey…Bing psyched my out and made me laugh and chuckle. I did find him and before finding him, I checked his usual spots where he lays down and naps, and he was not in any spot, and when I went back to my desk/computer here, I found him under the desk on what I call my “Emilee carpet” because the cat on the carpet looks exactly like Emilee. Good ol’ Bing … made me laugh, and no, I did not panic, lol. Will be back later or tomorrow … bye for now.