Chronicles of Narnia’s Prince Caspian

I was so worried about Bing from Thursday’s night accident to Friday morning until I had called the veterinarian to get him right away that I was so focused on him and getting very little sleep Thursday and Friday night. Yesterday afternoon, around dinner time, my friends called and wanted to know if I wanted to see Chronicles of Narnia’s Prince Caspian and thought since Bing was practically back to himself, I did not have to worry about him, so I went to the movie and had a great time watching it … but since Bing’s accident and finding out that he has two BB pellets or shotgun pellets in his right front (2), right back (1) and chest 1), seeing the characters (animatronics) being shot with bows and arrows seemed like animal cruelty to me, too. The movie was good … very good and a must see. When Aslan, the Lion came into the picture, my heart filled with glee and gladness and seeing lion’s mane and his face, I was so happy to see him. Even though Aslan is a character and animatronic, I believe in him — always have believed in him even though he is only a character. Am I strange in this way? I have the Chronicles of Narnia series in book by C.S. Lewis.

The movie was my afternoon away for the day.