Pray for Bing

Bing slipped while jumping off the fridge around 8;30 – 9 p.m. tonight. Yes, I am worried and scared, and with my emotions being out of whack lately, I am not feeling good myself again today. Thanks!!! Bing means the world to me and the fact that he may have hurt his leg (front ??) I am very sad, scared, mad at myself, not sure what else I can do for him except keep an eye on him. Honestly I am screwed up inside and my emotions are out of whack and have been emotionally off for a while now because my medication I have been taking for my anxiety and depression may have stopped working because my body has become immune to the medications or the fact that I have not been real busy since I have finished my educational endeavors at University of Phoenix in February on the 25th, and I am not working yet. Please, excuse me for jumping from one thing to another here, please pray for Bing right now if my friends and DD readers believe in the power of prayer and God. I know some of my friends here are Christians but I am just asking for additional prayer for my Little Man of my life. He ate a good amount of his food and drank some water when I put both in front of him while he laid on the bed.

May 15

I had my appointment today and it was a tearful and very emotional session today. As a matter of fact, I believe that it went both ways in respect of some of the meeting helped and the other part of the meeting did not help me at all. I do not know if I am upset more so now because I do not think that my counselor PS did not understand what was going on or I was misunderstood. I am not sure of which way it went at the moment and I just do not know much of anything right now because my world of emotions are screwed up due to the fact that maybe the medication I take for my depression and anxiety may not be working anymore or since I finished my educational endeavors I am not focusing on something to keep me busy. PS has made it work out in my behalf today, after I got back from my appointment, to find an appointment with my new psychiatrist this coming Wednesday, May 21 instead of a month from now on June 26. Thank goodness for that.

Bing may have a hurt leg from slipping off the fridge while jumping down from the high place. We shall see when 8 a.m. rolls around as I will take him to the vet right away in the morning.