My Friday Ramblings

It is late now so I will not be on much longer. I wanted to do a quick entry to express how my day went today. Anyway my day went very well. As a matter of fact, I had a very good day all day long in both worlds of mine, with friends and alone. I did go out for breakfast with my friend JR and met one of JR’s friends. We went to eat at the Cracker Barrel and I loved my food. As a matter of fact I had brought a desert-like treat home called baked apples. They are so very good but I am going to wait to have them tomorrow. I have not been to the Cracker Barrel in a long time and it was a treat to be back there. While visiting, eating, and enjoying my time with JR, I was amazed at how the ol’ restaurant made me feel comfortable and at home. I looked about the area we were sitting at and doing my very best not to stare at anyone in particular when I looked at pictures and posters, and items the Cracker Barrel had hung up. The place even smelled of the country and the food was, like I had said before, good but starchy. I had one of those wonderful days. After breakfast, JR and her co-worker friend, and I looked about the store portion of Cracker Barrel before leaving. JR and I came over to my place for a while so she could see Bing and visit for a while before she left to do what else she had to do for the day.

I had a very good day, even after JR left. My phone did not ring much so I was able to relax and during my relax mode, I ended up falling asleep, lol…took a nap again like I did yesterday — during the viewing of one of my television programs, lol. When it comes to CSI: Miami, Law & Order programs, I have to be alert in order to get the idea of the show’s contents, and it was during Law & Order: CI I had fallen asleep again, lol. Did get through the show after my nap finally.

Bing has been, for the most part of my being home, very talkative and asking for my attention or just taking it easy doing his catnapping. He was a good boy all day long. I have no idea what he does, other than eat and sleep, while I am away. I hope that he does not get into anything he shouldn’t, lol. I do not want anymore emergencies with him like I did two weeks ago.

It is late, and I am heading to bed here shortly so I am going to say good night and God bless.

My Last Entry of The Night

I am up late again tonight but again I had fun with my friend CD today and evening. I am not at all upset that she chose not to spend the night because I understand that she has her own place and other obligations at home like her cat, Oreo. I do not know, seriously, if she would have been too comfortable sleeping here tonight anyway because it is so hot up here and I understand that she wants to spend more time with Oreo, that precious cat she has. Anyway, I am pretty much ready to go bed for the night myself and I have to get up early for breakfast and having at lest 7 hours of sleep will be enough for me but anything below 6 to 5 hours of sleep does not do me the best. I am not surprised that I am not really tired right now because of the nap I took earlier, oops! Naps do me in sometimes!! But with time going on midnight here in fifteen minutes, I’d rather be in bed sleeping right now. Bing is sleeping in the recliner right now. He’s misses CD right now. Bing just loves CD so much!

Well, I better sign off for the night and I will be back tomorrow sometime. It has been a very busy couple of days for me and tomorrow will be another busy day for me, and I want to have time for myself to work on one of my pages I am a member of. Myspace page is acting up for some reason so I am going to be redoing it over the weekend starting tomorrow morning after breakfast, and after company leaves if JR stays over for awhile before other plans. I personally hope that JS will see JR tomorrow but we shall see. Good night. Time for music relax time before getting under the covers for the rest of the night. GN.

Tomorrow’s Plans

I have plans tomorrow to have breakfast out with a very good friend of mine at Cracker Barrel. Have not been there in a while now and I know their food is delicious and starchy. The idea, with a full stomach from supper yet, does not sound to pleasant at the moment, but by 7 a.m. when I get up in the morning to get ready to go, I bet I will work up some appetite. Only God knows. My appetite has been kind of off these past few weeks off and on and it is driving me crazy. But I do love Cracker Barrel all the same. Then, after breakfast, I want to do my laundry sometime tomorrow or Sunday, and I hope I am not too lazy. Not being able to sleep well last night has given me a napping moment today and I have not had a nap for a week until today. Oh well, life’s a mystery everyday, every minute no matter where we turn or what we do. Our lives are well lived too. Bing can get along without me for a while … he is getting better at being left alone now, and it has been a 1 1/2 since I adopted the “Little Man” of my life. Silly cat! I love him to pieces though and my love for him will not lessen. I better stop gushing, lol.

Plans Tonight Have Changed, But I Am Okay

Plans changed for the evening. CD is not spending the night tonight. I personally think that she wants to be with her cat, Oreo, tonight instead and that is absolutely fine with me. I am not upset and CD made sure to tell me that her reason for not spending the night was anything I did wrong. She did, when I did ask, have a good time. Anyway, I know what it is like to want to be in your own home, asleep in your own bed. When I had fallen asleep earlier, with CD here, I wonder if I snored too loud … oops, lol. CD and I did have our time together as planned for the movies, supper, and snacks, and I too had a great time. Having CD over is like a breath of fresh air on any kind of day. We watched The Flintstones starring John G, Rick M, Rosie O, Elizabeth P, and other known guest stars, and I enjoyed watching it with CD. It was a great night for me anyway.

My Time is My Time

I had time for myself before CD came up and my time was my time. Bing and I were in the same room but in different parts of the room, lol. Bing was not in the mood to be cuddled with me this afternoon, It was just too warm for him I guess. But I am not worried … Bing always loves me every night by bedtime anyway. With CD gone I decided to do some crossword puzzles and relax, and found myself fairly sleepy by 1 p.m.. CD had returned from store around 3 p.m. and by then both of us were dopey and sleepy that CD returned to her apartment until after 6 p.m. when our dinner arrived from Quiznos Subs. Then our evening, the three of us, Bing, CD, and I had begun, awake from our naps and refreshed, and hungry/ Even while CD and I ate our subs, Bing ate his dinner in his bowl. He loves to eat when I eat, lol. Anyway, my time was my time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Tomorrow begins a new day and I will have time for myself again, which I am looking forward to. I have been fairly busy these days once again. No wonder my emotions and moods have been on the upside for the past few days. Yea!!

Good Night

Time for me to get ready for bed. Actually stayed up later than usual tonight but that’s okay. Tomorrow will be another day. Did have fun tonight and enjoyed my company, and Bing is still under the desk sleeping./napping … that silly boy (cat of mine, lol). Will be back tomorrow. Good night.

Did Find Bing, LOL

Okay dokey…Bing psyched my out and made me laugh and chuckle. I did find him and before finding him, I checked his usual spots where he lays down and naps, and he was not in any spot, and when I went back to my desk/computer here, I found him under the desk on what I call my “Emilee carpet” because the cat on the carpet looks exactly like Emilee. Good ol’ Bing … made me laugh, and no, I did not panic, lol. Will be back later or tomorrow … bye for now.

Just Rambling … Again …

With CD gone now. I am alone with Bing for the night. I decided to lower the TV’s volume and get myself relaxed and ready for bed shortly, but right now it is a quiet evening at 9 p.m.. I think I will go to bed for the night about 10 or 10:30 p.m. but I am not too sure. I feel I got my second wind for the night. CD knows how to have fun just being here playing with Bing and giving him attention. Bing knows how to show Catie a good time, too, lol. Cats are like kids I tell ya … seriously.

Like I said, I feel like I got my second wind so I am just going to sit here and bring my levels down to a relaxing state and just ramble away, and by 10 or so I will be ready to go to sleep … I hope, lol. I have time for myself now as tomorrow I will have CD over again tomorrow but she will spend the night to be with me and Bing. Bing just loves CD and I am always glad to have Bing in my life … more so everyday as each day passes.

Again, I know I have not really written much in my journal lately and my entries have been fairly short, and over the weekend I did have one day I had no entry … because I have been under the weather emotionally since school ended for me in February on the 25th, and last Wednesday was the day I visited my “new” psyciatrist and my anti-depressant has been upped from 20 mg to 40 mg, and to be honest with you, the psychological part of it in mind it is going to work has already begun the exit of depression and anxiety, thankfully. I am feeling less anxious and less emotional these days but I will still cry at the drop of a hat depending on the situation. My emotions are becoming level again, I think. Ik, this is on personal part of my life that I have been seriously working on these past few days. I know I can not do this alone…no way, but try explaining that to me when I am feeling blah and down, and downright stressed out. Living where I live today would stress anyone out. Better off staying in my own place for the most part for the time being.

With CD gone for the night I have time for myself just to let thought come and go and since I began writing, I have relaxed a little but not enough just yet. Like I said, I am just rambling again, lol.

This is what my world is at the moment at 9:12 p.m. More latear or tomorrow. Gotta run and find Bing as he sort of disappeared, lol. He was munching on some food a second ago but alls too quiet all of a sudden. “Bing, where are you, Little Man?”

Just Rambling

Nothing is up right now. I am expecting my friend CD to come up and visit for a while from 5:30 p.m. to ??. We were planning on doing a movie but we moved that to Thursday night (tomorrow) since Price is Right is on tonight and CD loves that program. I happen to enjoy it to some point as well. I am still not sure about Drew Carey being the host of the game show yet because Bob Barker was Price Is Right’s game show host for many years. I do miss him, too. Hope Bob is enjoying his retirement. he do believe he deserves it. So, right now, with an hour and a half left in my time alone until after CD leaves, I thought I would get online and do my thing.

My friend JR called me this morning and we chatted for awhile and she was busy already and had plans for the afternoon. Me, I just wanted to stick around here for the day and be with my Bing Crosby kitty. We snuggled together while sitting in the recliner for over 2 hours while he closed his eyes and napped. What a cat! Bing is so precious. I am glad to have Bing in my life more so than I did yesterday … is that selfish?

I think, at this time I am kind of out of ramblings and thoughts, lol. I know that I have not really written much of anything lately, but have not been inactive so-to-speak. I really did noto want to bother anyone with my problems and issues at some point. I am becoming a private person these days and have been very careful about saying much of anything to anyone unless I know I can fully trust the person or persons I can talk to. Where I live now, unfortunately, has ears. eyes, and one big nose, so I am very leery about speaking my mind with certain people here. There are two people here that I have not totally understood yet, so I am very careful and cautious right now. I want to get out of this place and have a home of my own so Bing can have a playmate or two.

It has been over a week now since Bing has had his injury and he is doing super. Ever since that day I had learned of an injury that occurred during his first year before I adopted him, I have been asking myself a lot of questions, 0kay actually two. Why would someone be so cruel to animals? How could I have adopted such a loving, caring, cuddly cat as Bing? Those questions were finally answered today, thankfully. First of all there are many uncaring people out there in this big, wide world, and some people do not like cats, and secondly, Bing is loving, caring, and cuddly because he knows that people like me do care about him. He probably did not associate the “animal cruelty” with “human being” or he put his injury and careful care of humans and became loving as he is. Who really knows. Only God really knows. It is even possible that Bing was in the wrong place at the wrong time, too. Again, who knows. Anyway, as jumbled as my thought may be at the moment about my Little Man Bing but at least I did my best at putting my thoughts in better perspective and questions have been answered to the best of the ability of those I asked. Anyway, I got Bing Crosby here and that is ALL that matters to me right now. He is my cat now.

Time is soon upon me to have CD over for a while but I plan to be back tonight if I am not too tired or sometime tomorrow. I have other things I want to do online before CD gets here. I can say this afternoon that I was “just rambling” right now. See everyone later, and many thanks to my Dear Diary friends and readers for leaving comments and telling me what is important to know and here./ I do love being here and I have been here for a long time.

Memorial Day

No plans were made. Went to church on Saturday and Sunday, and decided to take Monday for a “me” day until my neighbor got home from out of town. I am taking care of my friend’s cat this weekend while she is out of town with her family. I tried to sleep in this morning but that did not happen, lol. I slept in all I could, got up and looked at my place, and began cleaning. I was not planning on spending Tuesday morning before my cleaning lady LB came to clean my apartment when i woke up. LB did not come last week because I had a bad cold and i did not feel that good and anyway I had a bug of some sort other than a cold. I am looking forward to seeing LB come. I hope she finds my apartment nice again. She has not complained or had anything real bad to say about my place for a couple of weeks or more now. I have been keeping things up well with/without help these days.

Bing and I did a lot of cuddling and talking. CD got home and she came up for awhile to visit and play with Bing. CD just loves Bing and Bing just loves her right back. No strings attached to my Little Man. Bing knows his people.

After what I learned a week ago Friday about Bing, I feel so blessed to have him in my life more now than ever. He is such a loving, affectionate little boy .. all 12 lbs of him. God has given me one special boy!