Friday Evening

It is now evening and I am tired so I am going to go to bed and shut down my computer for the night. The maintenance man came up and did his best to fix my light switch by the apartment door for a while and it was kind of dark with the electricity off in here so he was working on the best lighting I could offer him – a reading light and the hallway lighting. It was absolutely dark and with the weather being cloudy at 4 p.m., it was darkening outdoors sooner than actual sundown time. By evening I was glad to have my main electricity back on. Going to bed shortly and shutting down my computer for the night just to be safe, but will return sometime Saturday. I am also taking care of CD’s cat for the weekend since she is out of town this weekend visiting family. Have to get up early so I can go down for coffee — in my case go down for a cup of hot chocolate.

My Friday

Just a relaxing day with my precious “Little Man:” of my life as well as having my light switch looked at because it is not working properly. Don’t know if it is fixed yet or not because will soon find out. The way this place, speaking of my place alone, is wired kind of weird. The switch that will turn off the power in the electrical box here in my place is the general switich #1 and not one of the kitchen switches, which I have two. Weird, huh? When we turn off the major switch, meaning the general switch, EVERYTHING gets shut off, even though there are 2 general, 2 kitchen, 2 range, 1 cove heater (whatever that is, ;lol, so I suspecting it is the heating system here), one for the disposal, and one for the air conditioner. I am wondering if the electrical box is even correct … since the two kitchen switches in the electrical box did not shut off the light on the kitchen ceiling. This building I live in is 22 years old. Does this make any sense. Our maintenance man, a sweet gentleman and a boyfriend to another friend of mine, tried putting two switches in the kitchen but neither one of them work. He even brought up reinforcements and he could not figure out the problem, either. It was perplexing (is that the right word, lol)… So the same switch was put back in and it seems to be working fine for now. Wondering if it was just coming lose and it needed to be tightened a bit with the wiring. Who really knows. Have been afraid to use that switch since — have two switches that control the kitchen light and have been using the other switch. Does anyone here at Dear Diary know much or anything about electrical work?? Let me know. Thanks.