Thank you for Your Prayers

I would like to say thank you for those of you who prayed for and with me in regards to Bing’s de-clawing procedure and return home Friday. Yesterday evening proved to me a little liar, lol, as he began eating on his own without me having to place food in front of him to get him to eat a few morsels. He was a good cat in listening to me. This morning he went poopy potty in his litter box so I took care of his box today for the first time since he has been home Friday afternoon. Right now Bing’s litter box has no cat litter in it but shredded paper so his urine and poo jobs are not absorbed very well, lol. He did his first poopy duty since he has been home and so I am happy. Right now he is sleeping on the bed where he and I cuddled and slept for a while together. He seems in better spirits today and back to himself as if he did not get declawed yet. It feels so weird for me as well; Thank you for your prayers who prayed for me and with me in regard to my Little Man because I was worried there for a while. He took his last dose of pain medication this morning like a good boy and when I started giving it to him I know he was feeling better when he ran away from me during the giving of his medication, lol. More later…

Going on 1 a.m.

It is late, sleep is a little hard to find. Why? I am just not tired since I drank some Pepsi with caffeine, lol. I am a little bit wired as well as a little bit pissed at someone who called me 3 times in five minutes. I had made the mistake of opening my cell phone and when opening the cell phone, my end of the phone was picked up, so I hung up on this person in hopes that she would get the message not to call me anymore last night but she called two more times in five minutes. I was upset with her by the third call and I just wanted to scream. This girl does not get the message to leave me alone right now and stop calling me for a while. I have been dealing with some very personal issues in my life that have not been broadcasted all over the internet like my diary is here right now for personal reasons and I do not want this person involved in any of my personal issues so I have not called her. She has been calling me and she is very good about not leaving a message for her reason of calling and when she does leave a message she sounds mad about something and I do not feel it is healthy for me to be discussing problems of mine or her discussing her problems with me. I have analyzed our relationship and I do not feel close to this one person anymore for reasons of being hurt and burned by people these days. My neighbor JS had gotten a message from me at myspace explaining why I was not a happy camper so she called me to check on me and I was still up in the air about it and she said that I needed not to lose sleep over it. What people do not get, in most cases unless I say something to them and I am not good at expressing myself openly in a verbal sense, is that I have problems I am working out through counseling every couple of weeks or so and I have gotten so far in expressing myself openly in a verbal sense by learning from my counselor. I still have a lot of work to contend with in regards to expressing myself but writing everything down in words, a letter, here in my diary, is so much easier for me because I do not always choose the right words or my thoughts go faster than my words and In most cases I say the wrong things. I an so glad I have close friends who I can trust and will not be hurt or burned by that understand if I say something and meant something else, they understand what I meant to say because of my reaction to what I have said. So much is going on in my life right now that has not been shared here for personal reasons. I am learning, in the process of life, that I am only human here and one person.

Due to the fact that it is 1 a.m. in the morning and after all my company comes and goes today, I intend on writing more. I will probably have another update on Bing. Right now, at this time, BIng is sleeping on a kitchen chair underneath the kitchen table. He does seem to have his spirits lifted even more so as of a little bit ago. Bing seems to be doing well and all I ask is continued prayer for him to continue healing from his de-clawing procedure, and to be very honest with myself, I am also asking for personal prayer for myself too. Thanks everyone! Talk to you all later! GN!