Continue Prayer For Bing – Bin’s Proving Me a Liar, lol

Ok, I am just asking for continued prayer for my Little Man of my life Bing Noel Crosby Karnopp. Yes, he did eat a little for me today and then closer to the evening he went to his food and water dish on his own without me putting it in front of him so Bing has proved me a liar, lol. I do have to admit that I will never do this to any cat ever again — kitten or adult cat — as it is painful and it was tougher on me than it was for Bing. I had talked to the property management of our building today and told him of my displeasure of having to de-claw a cat. The older the cat is, the more painful it is, and what de-clawing is seems so not human. People who make such rules to have cats de-clawed should have their first digits of their fingers taken off and feel the pain because that is what happens to a cat — the first digit of their paws get taken off and their claws get ripped out, and it only takes a veterinarian fifteen minutes to a half an hour to do the procedure! It is cruel to the animal of the feline variety! I will never allow any cat to go through that ever again. Bing will be with me for many years to come now and when he is gone and if I am still around and capable of taking care of a cat, I will adopt a cat who has been de-clawed already as well as spayed or neutered — in what my mom calls a male cat being neutered is de-nutted, lol, and not funny at the same time. Well, Bing seems to be in better and perky spirits this evening. Right now he is sleeping in one of his favorite spots in the kitchen on a kitchen chair underneath the table, lol. Bing has been self-limiting himself very well. He does not seem to be in any pain or too much discomfort really or he is just being a good sport about his claws being gone.

Today, Bing

Today, after putting the food dish by him, he did eat a little bit. Please I just ask for continued prayer. He took his medication (pain meds) like a good boy this morning and I was a little surprised at how he took it with no fussing or complaints. What a smart little boy I have. I love him so much! Please pray for him, thank you!!