Bing is Missed, He is Doing Fine as of 6 p.m., He Gets to Come Home Tomorrow

I do have to admit that today I just about decided not to write a journal entry but after some rest I decided to go for it anyway. I have been tired all day long — my body not allowing me to do much because I am so tired — and I did not sleep very well last night because I did not want to leave Bing at the vet all day and all night. Yes, Bing is missed today — very much so missed and I cannot lie about my inner feelings about the emptiness of my home without him. It does not feel like a death like when Emilee died but an emptiness that can not be explained quite yet and tomorrow afternoon after 2 p.m. that emptiness will be filled once again with Bing back home.

Bing had his de-clawing procedure before 11 a.m. and when I called at 12 noon he had done well and that he was groggy and coming out of the stuff that they used to knock him out for the procedure — sorry can not spell the word, lol — can only say it, lol. I called again at 2 p.m.. 4 p.m.., and 6 p.m., and he was still doing good. At 6 p.m. I had gotten the answer I was expecting — he went potty in his littler box and that made me happy. Tomorrow, before picking him up, I will have to get his littler box here at home prepared for him — no litter for a few days — only paper (shredded) and oatmeal, and some pain medication will be sent home with him when I pick him up.

I am missing Bing tonight but I will manage. Yes, I was anxious and worried all day long, and now Bing’s mommy is exhausted. I think I will be retiring to bed.

Another update tomorrow after Bing comes home.