Thanks Gang!

I would like to say thank you for the two DD friends of mine for answering my queston so quickly … unexpected fast response. Thanks gang! I will work on getting that taken care of immediately so I can share photos with all of you. I can not really tell you how long I have been with Dear Diary but I do know I have been here for a long time. Maybe ten years or so but not sure yet, but after writing this entry, I will find out how long I have been here. Hope all of you, my friends and other Dear Diary diarists have a great weekend!!!! God bless!

Question for DD Diarists

I need an understanding…okay here it goes. I have a dear diary diarist who would like to see a picture of my cat Bing Noel Crosby sometime and I was wondering how you put a picture on dear diary. First of all do you/I have to have a paid membership to have the ability to put any pictures in my diary entries? Please let me know because I would like to share some pictures of Bing with my diary friends as Bing is a part of my life, and of course, I would like to share other pictures as well. Talk to you all soon and I love my DD friends and other diarists I will yet come across as the days come and go. Again the question is:

Do I have to have a paid membership here at DD to put pictures on my diary here, and how do I go about it? Please let me know.