My Thoughts Can Go Simultaneously in ALL Directions…But Here It Goes

When it comes to my thoughts going simultaneously in all directions, I know my mind is thinking on more than one thing at a time, and that can drive a girl like me crazy! Yes, once again my thoughts are in need of rearranging and filing in the right place, or tossed out. I was planning on going downstairs to coffee tomorrow morning but now I am not too sure for reasons of keeping my sanity intact. At least this weekend I want to keep my sanity, that’s for sure. I need my space right now and I am only allowing certain peoples in my space this weekend. I am not sure if I will attend church now Sunday because of my space needed. With school done and over with for me, I have a little more time in my life to think about some things that are in need to be thought about as well as things that are not all that important. That i what I mean about my thoughts are going in all directions simultaneously…oh oh.

Today has been, strangely enough, an experience already before 12 noon, an ok to a point but I experienced an attitude with someone and I still do not know what think about the attitude yet. I feel she had copped an attitude with me for no reason at all and the attitude she has I have a feeling as to why the attitude is happening, but I am not a part of it this time, thankfully. I have learned my name was brought up into something but that is about it. Am I mad? Kind of, sort of, and I wish to keep it private. I am just sick and tired of people, in general speak, getting away with this and that because life is not something to skate on through for nothing. Growing up is hard to do, yes, but, in general speak, we have to whether we like it or not. Seriously … I did think we could skate on through life at one time or another but found out the hard way we can’t, and that is one reason why I attended college and finally finished without giving up for once in my life. We can noot really find jobs anymore without degrees these days, can we? We can, but seriously, those jobs are working in fast food places, and I have worked in two fast food places — McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

With today being Friday, I am not sure how this weekend is going to be yet. I want it quiet and peaceful.

Question Regarding Membership

I am seriously thinking of becoming a paid member of DD. How much is it a month? The way DD explains it, I am not sure if I am reading the information correctly. I can not explain in detail or thought at the moment what information I am not sure about because I am too tired to explain it at the moment as it is late. Can someone explain, please? Thanks!

Winter Can Go Away Now

I have seen my share of winter — winter can go away now and become Spring even though I do have to admit that that the weather has not been that horrible the past couple of days. I am just getting tired of seeing white snow. Some of the piles, because of where the snow can only be piled up to, are taller than me! I do not remember having snow piles that tall in a long time. I even remember enjoying my time outdoors in the bitter cold sledding and playing with friends in the snow. I was shorter than and the snow was my cushion I tumbled, lol, but I am taller and ice is not my friend — it’s not anyone’s friend really. I have fallen on ice and bruised tail bones several times in the past several years that ice has become my enemy so to speak. I hate ice! I can not wait for a Spring thaw and see the piles of snow go down as they melt away. Sorry snowmen, I wish I could keep you but I can’t. That is one thing I still enjoy doing in the winter months. If I had a freezer big enough to hold three big snowballs that represented a snowman, I would save a snowman each year .. as silly as it sounds .. a past time of mine. My snowmen always had character — never the same each time, lol. I also do not like the winter months much anymore because getting around is difficult for me now that I am older, even though 37 years of age is not “old” but I have my problems with balance and walking on ice … an enemy of winter of mine, lol. I will tolerate winter though. Just NOT the continuous grey days of no sun I will not tolerate. It is depressing. This winter, unfortunately, has been one heck of a depressing winter for me as far as the amount of sun. Now, since a week ago Monday, we have had the sun shining, making the days brighter and here I am waking up with the sun shining and I am waking up before 12 noon…good ol’ sleep pattern is back but for how long is a question I have asked myself everyday ever since Monday as if I am anticipating another cloudy day of dreadful depression. I want out of depression…I wish it did not exist. It stinks pretty badly enough. Winter can go away now. Please? I am pleading now … seriously.


Hi sweetie. I just wanted to let you know that every time you write an entry and the message gets to me via email, I click on the entry link that is offered and your diary is not there. Did you do something different to your diary or is DD having troubles with some diaries? Please let me know, ok? I love reading your entries and I would love to read them if I could get to them. I love ya!

A Quickie

In about 24 hrs from now I will be finished with college altogether – no more classes left – will be getting my degree/diploma from college in a couple of months. I am so excited. I have been thinking about it all day long and being done with college right now is awesome. Yes, I might be bored and wondering what I am going to do with my free time that is not looking for work or busy with my DVR counselor and a company called Community Solutions in helping me find a job in the field of accounting. Anyway, I can do what I have been doing during my school breaks and that is reading, writing, and journaling. I am excited about school being over in about 24 hrs. I can be done with college altogether right now if I choose it but I have a couple of things yet to hand in to the facilitator of the class and it is not anymore homework, woo hoo, exciting!

Another Late Night — But Okay

I am tired but my hip is kind of achy a bit — that nagging ache that drives me crazy and I am about ready to scream my head off. No big deal though. I have survived worse than my hip being bruised a bit from falling out of bed. Anyway, I am starting to drift off to sleep while sitting here at it is 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning and I am going to attend church this morning for the first time in weeks. With school now being two days away from being completely finished, I do have to admit that now I can concentrate on some very serious writing for the next two weeks after Monday is over with and school is done — woo hoo! Seriously, I am excited! Because of the lateness of the hour, I am going to go to bed. Good night and I will be back later today after class. Bye for now everyone!

Kind Of A Late Night Here

Ok, the pain in my hip has gotten the best of me tonight and that is why I am up late past 12:30 a.m. this morning…had fallen out of bed yesterday morning around 6:10 s.m. and bruised my left hip enough to notice the nagging ache that drives one crazy and I do not contend with pain very well these days and all of my life. Don’t worry, I just two Tylenol so the pain will subside shortly and then I will drift off to sleep just fine for the rest of the night — sleeping in might happen and again, might not. That’s ok, though. I will be okay in the short run as well as in the long run. I did some reading of my favorite story I am reading now, Jonathan Kellerman’s “Twisted” … a good book I can not pry my hands off on opening and reading with my eyes! Jonathan Kellerman is a good author of mystery and fiction, that’s for sure! I saw him on Murder By the Book one afternoon on television a couple of weeks ago. Awesome person or at least I think so oanyway. So it is kind of a late night here right this moment. I did feel sleepy earlier and I did have difficulty keeping my eyes open. Even my fingers typing on the keyboard were going whacky on me where I was typing and making so many typing errors on my words and thoughts. My fingers are starting to feel that tiredness again and the pain in my left hip is subsiding slightly now…thankfully. I will be ok. I just had a tendency of falling out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes because I move around so much and I am beginning to believe that my twin bed is not enough for me anymore…oh phooey all, lol.

Still Up

I am still up but I intend on going to bed shortly. I am getting sleepy. Anyway, this week has been pretty good, and now the weekend is here, and I have plans to get some homework done, relax, clean, and just be me. I have not been to church in a while so I am going to attend church this Sunday morning. I have four days left before I am finished witih school entirely and I am totally excited. I think, for now, I will say good night and hopefully get back later today when i am more awake and had a good night’s rest.

A Good Day

Today has been a very good day. The only bad part of my early morning was the fact that I had fallen out of bed and have a bruise on my left side hip so my hip smarts a good smart off and on — at least until I took a couple of Tylenol less that an hour or so. I have been, since this past weekend sleeping better without the need to have medicine to relax me. I had talked to a good friend of mine last night on the phone about what was said by another friend and we got that situation cleared up within minutes. I love it when someone is told something and the context of what was told in the first place gets taken out of context and said differently. Yes, I am referring to the girl who I am friendly with now and not as close as I once was after December 21st when I was attacked in my own home. JS had taken something out of context of what JR had said last week, and yes, it bothered me to be either lied to or the truth was not told entirely. Yes, JS has a problem with either lying or not telling the entire truth. After talking to JR about what was said last week, I realized that I felt better. Anyway, getting back to today, I am feeling like today was a good day all day long.

For the first time in a week, almost two now, I fired up my IBM laptop and got my Norton Antivirus program on it updated and I have been on it all day long off and on — soon to be shutting it down for the night though. I prefer my Mac over my IBM laptop anyway now-a-days, and it is surely different but a good different. I just wanted to sit in my recliner for awhile today because my left hip smarts a bit now and then. Today has been a good day all day long, though.

Later days!

Tired — Going to Bed Soon

This week has not been questionable in regards to getting sleep — for once anyway. I have been getting tired early — after 8 p.m. at night I can barely keep my eyes open for once in a long time. I have been retiring to bed early practically every night this week with the wanted exception of staying up late now and then — but staying up late is not because of the fact sleep has been hard to find. Even Pepsi has not kept me awake or fired up with all the caffiene, seriously. It is not even 9 p.m. here at and I am unable to keep my eyes open. I practically fell asleep while reading a little bit of Jonathan Kellerman’s book titled “Twisted”. So I am going to bed soon … probably be sound asleep by 10 p.m. Who really knows. Tomorrow I have one heck of a big day!!! Seriously. Better go for now.

Later days!

Nighty Night all!