I Still Have My Reservations Here

With what happened to me last month and saying that I take part of the blame of what happened then, I still have my reservations about being friendly and civil to the girl who hurt me. As the Christian woman I do not always profess to be as I am only human and I do sin and make mistakes, sometimes very serious boo boos, my reservations of the girl really understanding that I only want to be friendly and civil to her right now and not friends with her again after all friends do not attack or beat up on friends. I am not the only one who feels that drama has taken its toll on me and several of my other friends as they too are dealing with drama where they live, and drama is everywhere around me, and I am doing everything in my power to stay away from the drama. My reservations I have with this girl is the ongoing drama she carries with other tenants and one of those tenants being one of those people you do not mess with and this tenant will tell you like it is and if you do not understand this other tenant. she will make it understood until you do understand. This tenant, a good person as she is, will not put up with any baloney or crap from anyone, and she her issues she deals with as well, and she is a strong willed young lady who is around the same age as the girl who I am friendly and civil to, but this tenant is more mature than this girl…far more mature.

Ok, here is the scoop. I did not attend church this morning so the girl was kind of enough to drop of a bulletin for today’s service, and she had mentioned that she thought that this tenant had an attitude and this girl was not going to ever talk to this tenant ever again, and if this tenant gave this girl attitude again, this girl was going to let her (the other tenant) how she felt. I had told this girl that she was also a tenant and the cleaning lady of the building and she needs to mind her p’s and q’s and remember where she stands as a tenant and the cleaning lady. I also told this girl that this tenant may have had a bad day and came across strong in her attitude. In so doing, we parted ways, and several minutes later, this girl calls me and told me that she and this tenant had talked, but I have this feeling I was lied to because this girl wants to please other people just for the benefit. Am I making any sense? Oh boy, am I setting myself up for disappointment all over again as well as failure? I hope not — oh I hope not!

It Feels So GOOD!

I do have to admit that having one particular person not up at my apartment everyday at a certain time really does feel real good right now. I have been able to work on my own computers with having no one in the background working on one of them, making it very hard for me to concentrate and I having to worry where this person is going on line. It feels so good having my apartment to myself and have my space back. I do know now that my space was compromised and invaded to a point of problems … problems that led to our big fight in my own home that led to consequences if neither one of us did not stop our high school behavior, which I feel I did have to a point but I was defending myself for one thing, and this girl never has paid any consequences in her life because of excuses always in play and acted upon. It just feels so good to be myself again for one and not having to worry about a friend — a friend I once had and is no more a friend but an acquaintance and a neighbor who willing helps other neighbors from time to time — even me.