Taking it One Step at a Time … Doing it the Best I Can

Ever since the 21st of December I have had no contact with this person who I thought was a friend but isn’t anymore. She has, strangely enough, tried to have contact with me by email, a letter, text messages on my cell phone, calling my home phone (before I changed my telephone number both cell and home), and playing a prank on New Years Eve with two other tenants, but I have had no interest in having anymore contact with this person — a person who is a liar, manipulator, attention grabber, and more importantly a person who takes advantage of people. Just this past Sunday, to get to the point, I have been taking steps to get out of my apartment little by little but I do have to admit that staying in my apartment gives me a safety zone and no one can and will come in because its always locked. I will write more later because I need to go to bed.