Where Has the Time Gone??

I have yet not been home a total week but I have noticed that time has gone by so quickly. I feel I have been very busy this entire week with company on Tuesday, and running errands that day and even today. My friend JR and I are at the library right now while I wrote some back entries from my trip to PA and back home, and today I can not believe is the last day of November already…Where is the time going?? Very fast. Anyway, JS is gone with my brother who decided to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be leaving again next week so JR and I have been spending the day together alone. JR and I went out to eat, went to Wal-Mart, and here at the Janesville Public Library titled Hedberg Public Library. After this, when I get home, I am going to get back on my computer at home and do some very important writing while listening to a Christmas CD that I had brought at Wal-Mart with songs sung by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and more. There are a couple of singers on there like Charlotte Church, but all the songs are Christmas songs for the holidays. I am so excited about getting it out and going.

Back Home From PA

I visited PA for the week of Thanksgiving and had a good time. I was with my brother, SIL, two neices and one nephew. Even our parents from AR visited with our youngest sister and so the PA house was filled with nine people for a couple of days and nights. I am glad to be back home in my own bed now but the visit was worth the time and my money.

I Can Not Believe It!

When it comes to visiting family, time seems to either stand still or go by so quickly that the time to breathe has been forgotten. My trip to PA, with one more day to go, has gone by both too slow and too fast, depending on what has been going on. One more day and off to Wisconsin I go … back home to my own place and my own bed. During the time I visited my brother’s family, honestly, remembering I had my little white cat back home being taken care of by neighbors has really been a challenge for me … never left Bing alone before until my trip to PA so he is greatly missed. Anyway, one more night to sleep in my brother’s home and off to Janesville, Wisconsin I go…back home.

Thanksgiving Day

It has been a fine day. Lot of food prepared for the dinner, and company seemed to fill one room and another table had to be added to make more sitting arrangements. Dinner was delicious and very good, and the company was just as good. I am so glad and happy that my parents from AR came to celebrate the holidays with my brother and his family, and myself. Having my dad’s side of the family for the holiday made Thanksgiving complete.

Made it to PA

Even though my flight from Chicago to Scranton, PA was cancelled, I was able to get on another flight from Chicago to Charlotte,(sp?) North Carolina, from there to Scranton. I was six hours late getting into Scranton, but getting there was worth my time and I slept good that night. I had a little welcome wagon waiting for me when we finally got to where my brother and his family live but I got there.

Strangely Enough I Have a Phobia with Balloons

I do not care what people think but I do have to admit that I have a phobia with balloons and my phobia is a little strange to a point but definitely something I am afraid of. Yes, I am afraid of balloons!!! I do not like the feel of balloons when they do not have air in them or when they have air in them. I do like the feel of balloons or the squeaky sound of a balloon when someone is making it squeak. To me a squeak of a balloon is like fingernails on a chalkboard. When a balloon has air in it that fear of a balloon breaking and popping just hurts these adult ears of mine because I have had my ear drums broken due to severe ear infections as a child. I have also have been teased with balloons growing up in school by bullies and kids teasing me. When I was in high school our hallways, all three halls were covered with blue and white balloons during football season to encourage the football team to do well and it practically drove me up a wall when a pop happened here and a pop happened there and because I do not like touching ballooons, I would walk down the exact middle of the hallway away from those balloons that drove me crazy. I have had balloons popped in my face.

What brought my strange phobia with balloons is the fact that a dear and close friend of mine had a bunch of balloons at her party and they were popping left and right due to the heat of the room and little kids having fun with them. I practically ran, ok did run, into the bathroom and out of the community room to avoid those balloons.

JSou Overstepped Her Bounds!!!

Tuesday I had an appointment with my counselor and one of the subjects we talked about was JS’s attitude and jealousy and then I get a bombshell that really hurt my feelings. She called my counselor because I talk about Bing, my cat all the time, and I thought that she overstepped her bounds and she does not understand a few things about my life. Then I get to talking to the manager about the situation that happened at the counseling office and she told me that JS went to her the day before telling her the exact thing. I do not mind that she went to our manager about it, but to my counselor? She then overstepped her bounds and I told her if she did it again our friendship is over. I never called JS’s counselor and tell her about JS’s obsessions because I know her counselor can not disclose any information to me due to the fact that I am not JS’s counselor’s client and all the counselor can do is disclose information that I called. I know that if I did that, I would be overstepping my bounds with her.

Lately JS has been having an attitude problem as well as a big jealous streak and that is my problem with her right now. I wish she would grow up! i wish her parents would do more to discipline her actions before she gets herself into trouble with the law but after talking to her dad, he wants her to learn the hard way if she does something wrong she is not always going to be able to go to her parents to bail her out anymore.

Sometimes I Wonder …

Sometimes I wonder why my friend JS has troubles with relationships and today I believe I figured it out. She likes to put her nose in business that does not belong to her and that is where she gets herself in trouble sometimes with some people. I feel JS copped an attitude while I was talking to the manager of our building about something very personal and instead of hearing it from the manager herself first, JS piped up asking “why?” when it was not geared to her at all. I was a little mad but not as mad as I was before 2 p.m. this afternoon when my surrogate mother had made a comment about a tenant who lives in the building who had threatened me a few months ago before our now former manager left and this new manager came in in the month of June. I was totally dumbfounded when in reality she was there when I tried reporting the situation but was told to wait and then I was told that it was too late when I took care of the situation supposedly even though there were witnesses who saw the situation and heard the words. I had forgotten all about it and now it feels like it has been rehashed, maybe not intentionally, but I want to give my neighbor who lives below me a chance even though now neither one of us speak to each other in passing or while we are in the same room even though we will speak to others around us. Anyway life does go on and I am going on with my life.

Another Fine Day @ a Close

Another fine day has come to a close for me. I went to church this morning with my two friends and we had a blast listening to the sermon today — at least I did, anyway. With my friend JS and her friend KW sitting together it is almost like two high school girls all over again goofy as ever. They are 23 and 24 and still act like teenagers. Sometimes it can be annoying but that’s ok because I am dear friends with JS and she is very mature around me most of the time. We get goofy too and I am 37 but when it comes to listening to the sermon Pastor T has for us, I really want to listen intently and carefully and not always have two giggly girls but they are my friends. I tell them both to knock it off when it gets too much and they usually listen or another member I got to know is very good about telling them to be quiet too.

Anyway, another day has come and pretty much gone and I will be retiring to be in a few minutes. I am tired and needing of sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and get ready for my day anyway as we have a tenant meeting for all the pet owners of the building tomorrow afternoon and I need and want to be awake for that even though I wish not to attend but the meeting is also mandatory for all tenants unless the tenants who have pets have been excused under necessary and legitimate reasons. I do not have a legitimate reason so I will attend unless the manager talks to be before the meeting and I too have a excused absence. I also have two papers to finish up and post to class before 11:59 p.m. and so I will have to be rested up and geared to go on a moments notice without feeling like I am exhausted and a need to take a nap. I have one more week of class before my class is completely over and I have a two week break before my second class away from being done completely.

All is good today. JS and I got together after church this morning and I ended up falling asleep during the Green Bay Packer game and they won… GO PACKERS tonight. After my nap and JS left for the night, I got myself going as much as I could for the evening before retiring to bed again a few minutes. Another day to start tomorrow and I am going to BE AWAKE for the entire day! No naps, I hope!

Let Me Know What You Think???


Honestly, I do have to admit that jealousy is a not so good thing because I feel I have seen jealousy involved between my friend and I the other day. Even though the situation has been supposedly resolved that night before retiring to bed, my friend showed her jealous streak in her the other night that I wanted to clobber my friend in the face because of her stupid acting ways. She got acting so jealous because I got the same MP3 player she got the day before but I bought my the day after she did from the same place. Why do friends have to be so jealous these days. She told me that everyone wants to copy her and want the same thing she has and she also had the gull to say that she wished I waited to get my MP3 later on instead of right away! What a friend she was that night/evening. She even copped an attitude that night that I wanted to cry and scream and with the type of day I had yesterday, it was an awful day for me after 10:30 a.m.