My DD is Under Construction

At the moment my DD page is under construction but please feel free to come visit my diary pages and see what I have written. Winter is on its way now and I had to make some changes. Thank you so much for coming and visiting my journal here at DD. I hope every has a very good week! God Bless!!

I Do Have To Admit Today Was One of Those Days!

I do have to admit that today was one of those days…a low key day. I did not feel the greatest due to the fact that I am a woman and a woman’s body changes twelve times a year. I hate those hormonal changes, believe it or not, but I am glad that I have those changes twelve times a year. With Monday being a Monday, I can understand why Garfield hates Mondays! It was a lazy day for me and I stayed in my pajamas all day long believe it or not. I realize that this week is going to be a low key week. I did not even feel like going downstairs to see the manager this morning during office hours…that’s not too bad but unusual for me. Oh well. That’s life I guess.

All Eyes on Me!

ABC (Adult Bible Class) was just about to start and my friend JS called me to let me know that she had gotten up and had a headache. I then told her to see what could do about getting a ride to church and give me a call back. As I was about to hang up with her, eyes of other church members in the room were looking at me and I looked at the head person who began the class and I saw that they were waiting patiently for me to get off the phone. At that moment I felt like I got scolded and told Jennie to call me back later and that I had to go, and then I hung up the phone real quick. I smiled and chuckled because eyes were on me and here I was holding up the class from starting … oops! Shame on me! I was rude … very rude! Shame on me, lol. That won’t happen again.

Studying the Bible Again …

I did not get to church this morning but I do have to admit that I opened up the Word of God today and did some studying of the Bible. I have a new Life Application Study Bible and I really enjoy it. It is easy to read, understand, and get something out of it. Suffering from anxiety and depression is one thing I wish not to have anymore and the only way I can get away from those two ugly demons is to exercise my faith and Christianity everyday and remember that I am only one person who is not alone in the world who believes that her world is in a mixed array of emotions. God is here to protect me and I am going to ask Him to be in my life everyday. Ever since I have been studying the Bible, I do have to admit that my world in anxiety and depression has been more open and more comfortable as if a very heavy cloud has begun to lift off my shoulders. I am so sick and tired of having my emotions run rampart and away from me to the point I cannot control them. I know I am not alone.

Biscuits and Gravy for Breakfast

Boy oh boy, do I ever love biscuits and gravy! Well, this morning at our building, a tenant made biscuits and gravy for the entire building who wanted some for breakfast this morning, and the meal was delicious! I know if I had biscuits and gravy everyday, I would eventually get sick of it, but I do not get enough of it already so this morning breakfast was a big and yummy for my tummy treat. The tenant, who made breakfast for all the tenants today did not have to do this, but she chose to and that was so sweet of her.

Joint Pain is Back

With the rain and the ugly weather we have had all week long to some extent, my joint pain is back like it was last Sunday, but not as bad, thankfully. Anyway, it has been a fine day. Stayed home and enjoyed my day watching television, which is off now, and my company is having her supper now. Me, I am not even hungry yet, lol. Anyway, it has been a good day indoors. Gotta go for now.

Began Church Choir Practice Today … Exciting!!

It has been one of those days … windy, sunny, and wet. Anyway, despite the type of day it was outside today, I went to my first church choir practice tonight and it was awesome. We have 62 people in the choir this year and it was my first time in a while since I have been in choir. Actually, to be very honest with you, it has been a long time — saying, since 11th grade when I was in choir. I had a great time! I will write more about it as the next ten weeks become more evident on what we are doing. What I can now is the fact that the music is from a book about Jesus.


Don’t worry, I am not complaining here. Everything around me is going slowly, though. The internet is fine as far as speed but when I come to DD, it is running slow because the server load is full right now. I never know when it is a good time to come here because my days are different from day to day like today. I have an appointment this afternoon and even time is going by so slowly. Probably because of the fact that I am anticipating about dinner tonight out with other IDS clients. Why does time have to go by so slowly? I have no idea at all! It is just going by very slowly today. Just slowness…

My Tuesday …

Today was not bad at all. I was able to run an errand and get a few things from the Dollar General store this morning, and my cleaning lady Lisa took me and then we went out to eat at a nearby restaurant for a quick breakfast. Biscuts and gravy is so yummy and it was relatively cheap too, lol. After running the errand and a quick breakfast, we came back and Lisa helped me with something before she went to another client’s apartment to clean. Today’s morning may have been good but so wasn’t my afternoon and evening. Lazy in a way but worthwhile. I even showered to take care of some the achy joints and it felt good clean and with hair washed. I even decided to stay up late and go to class late so I do not have to worry about attending class Wednesday until after I get back from going out to dinner at 5 p.m.. I just realized that I have a busy tomorrow and I am looking forward to it greatly, but I am now getting tired. I am going to good night for now. Bye everyone!


Today was not so bad as far as joint pain, thankfully but I still find a little twinge that is driving me nuts right now. Otherwise it is all good and a go today. No more tears but definitely a slowness I am so used to during those moments. It just seems that every year the joint pain is getting worse and nothing can be really done about it until I go see my local doctor about it. I will be ok though. My kidney coordinator gave me an idea and I will be looking into it this week on Friday.