A Wish … One Fine Wish!

For many years, even today, I wish for a lot of things that are silly, reasonable, and honest. I have always wanted to meet Marlo Thomas and her father Danny Thoman but Danny Thomas is gone now and has been since 1991. I have been a little girl when the reruns of That Girl was airing on television but I would watch the show every week it aired. Marlo Thomas, an actress and a gal who has taken over her father’s position at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has been considered one good person who believes in people and herself, a good role model for the younger generation of her family and those people in the world.

Here I am, a young woman, soon to be 37 years old wants to meet Marlo Thomas! How silly is that? I have always wanted to meet Kate Jackson for a long time as well but I do not think it is ever going to happen so I have fine wishes, don’t I?

12:30 p.m. – Feeling Emotional

I can not quite explain why I am feeling emotional today but I have some possibilities as to why I am feeling emotional today. I just want to run and hide right now and get away from this apartment building I live in for a while but I have nowhere else to go really to get away from this place for good. The neighbor downstairs below me has been causing some rift around here for the past few days and I have been one of the people he has been complaining about when I have not done anything different from the minute he moved in about five months ago. My downstairs neighbor is just being a big jerk once again. I have so much in my life to look forward to these days that the slightest disappointment or upset can put a damper on everything fun and exciting. I am just an emotional mess today and I cannot quite pinpoint the reason why because all the reasons, which I have not told, could be all correct reasons why I am such an emotional mess today.

Even though I am an emotional mess today, I do have to admit that I did have a little bit of happiness this afternoon when I saw a former bus driver dropping off Meals on Wheels to a neighbor two doors down. JC (Jimbo) is a nice man and I really enjoy seeing him when I do because I see his brother, another JC (John)of course, lol, every week working as the milk man of our city, Condon Dairy. It was such a joy to see JC today – a real great joy!


I cannot believe where the time has come and gone this past month and now the month of June is just about over, and only two more days of June left! WOW! Anyway, today was an ok sort of day. It was so hot the past few days that today is proving to be a lot cooler for the summer months that lie ahead. Yesterday was not the greatest day for me in regard to my physical health of arthritic and joint pain, and the worst of it being in my right hand. The pain in my right hand was the worst I have ever felt ever in the past nineteen years of having to take steroids because of a transplanted kidney March 12, 1988. Anyway, today is a better day for me but my legs are feeling a little achy yet but not yesterday that was pretty bad.

Here I Am Again, LOL

I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes because I say that I am going to write more but days go by before I even write again. What is up with that? A while back I was so worried that boredom was beginning to set in and I had gotten a comment from one of my diary readers that was cute and very honest. I have so many days before I begin my next class, which begins on June 26th, and I am looking forward to that very much. I am also keeping myself more busy than I first thought a while back. I went to the library yesterday with my friends JS and JR ad I had a blast just getting away from here. I do believe that if I did not go to the library, I would have taken a nap, lol.

Two Weeks Off of School

What in the world am I going to do for the next two weeksz? I ended my last class as of 11:59 p.m. Monday evening, and then I began my two week break from class. Anyway, the reason for my two week break from classes is because I had eye surgery to correct the eyes from their outwardness so they were straight and the surgery took place four days before my class ended on June 11, 2007. I thought that taking a two week break from classes and having my eyes have a little rest from surgery and begin their healing process was a good idea. But having a break, and only three days into it, I feel bored even though my eyes are healing just fine and doing well being straight ahead – even though I have a black and blue right eye and it looks like I had been in a fight — a fight that I lost, lol.

Back In The Swing of Things Here

I am feeling that I am back in the swing of things here but I feel that I am pulling tooth and nail to get here from time to time because I have not been here for so long — even though it has not been that terribly long. I have been gone over a month. The reason for being gone has nothing to do with my friends at Dear Diary or other readers who are wanting to read my entries here. Let’s put it this way … I have been out of sorts for awhile working hard in school. My last class, Advanced Financial Accounting class was very difficult and time consuming as well as an emotional class. The instructor for the class was horrible and not pleasant to work with at all. She made me feel that she was very picky about everything that was said or done in the class in regards to participation and discussion questions. In fact, I was embarassed the entirety of the class because I did what I could and I still passed the class — but barely — a D-! I hope to never see this instructor ever again in my future classes because I will not take the class if she is teaching it — she did not teach the class at all! She made no sense whatsoever. She was horrible!