Checking In

Hi everyone! I am still here but have been terribly busy. Being terribly busy has not been the terrible part – it has been a joy keeping myself busy with school and my personal life. I know I have been a total stranger lately, but my math class has taken a lot of my time to the point I had to go to a nearby tech school for tutoring, and believe me, I just had some field days with my math some time ago, but at this time it is not too bad. The only bad thing is the fact of the memory – keeping it in memory for quizzes and a final. I am so glad that I have two weeks left of this math class then I am done with math for a long time – *sighs* happily along with sadness. Yes, I have mixed feelings because I am learning so much. At least this math class I have not been stuck on inequalities, lol. Every week so far has been different and I am so glad of that. I really like my math 209 instructor! He is awesome!!

For the first time in a while, I have taken the time to write here and say hello and give an update on what I can and want to share. Anyway, just in case I do not have time on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), I just wanted to let you all know that I am having mixed feelings about this years Thanksgiving, and I surely do not know if it is because I don’t have plans this year to be with family either in PA, AR, or NM, or further up north of Wisconsin, but I surely have no plans as of tonight Monday. I have a feeling that my plans won’t change but I am wide open to change.

Anyway, I have been writing in my more private/no eyes can see it other than my own, almost everyday and believe me, I am doing great doing that but not so great here. Once math is over, I will/should have more time to write here once again. My math class ends on December 5, 2005.

I have to run for now as it is getting late and I am getting tired. Being mathematically drained lately has been a blessing but sometimes not during the day, lol. Gotta go! Night everyone!


For a Monday, I do have to admit that today was not a bad day. It was quiet and I got very little done as far as homework today, lol. I guess I was procrastinating a lot today. It was quiet and peaceful most of the day. Emilee has been in the bedroom all day long so I have not seen her much at al. I am thinking of getting a shower shortly as I need to clean up yet. That is how lazy I am today. It was pajama day all day long here. I really wish that I could say more but really there was hardly anything happening today except being lazy and playing games all day on my computer. I do have to admit that I am finally getting used to my new 3 month old computer now but it really is different from my last one.

What I Need To Say Tonight

I have a lot on my mind and sleep has become a problem for me once again. I have been working so hard in math that it is driving me wild already, lol. Anyway, where I live, the surroundings have changed slightly but not totally. the “bad” tenants are now gone or moving out and new tenants are moving in who are very good people. Just several weeks ago I had a new neighbor move into the apartment across the hallway from me and she is a very pleasant person. A new neighbor moved in down the hall from me and is the sweetest person I have ever met. This person knew my grandfather Clarence Fox very well even though this nice lady worked for Van Galder Bus Company my Grandna Myra once worked. I just have been having some feelings about the place I am living at now and believe me, I am mixed up right now in my head. LOL, I am always mixed up in my head.

I have passed my seventh class at University of Phoenix online with an A. It was awesome!