Good Night

My dear friends of DD. I have not been writing in my diary as much as I wish I would but I have been so very busy with school and this math is just killing me! What gets me is the fact that I am beginning to understand addition method and substitution method in equations, but honestly, the graphing of inequalities is getting to me slightly…STILL. That IS WHAT IS KILLING ME! I do not understand why something is NOT getting through to me as quickly as some other mathematics is getting through to me and clicking so quickly. I have had it even though I am not going to give up on math here or never since I am going to be an accountant in the future — the near future. I know, from other classmates, I am not the only one who is struggling in graphing inequalities and solving them. Anyway, I am givig math a break right now so I am going to go to bed for the night.