Today is Wednesday but it sure feels a lot not like a Wednesday, lol. I have had an emotional week due to technical problems with the cable company I associate it with the television. In fact, I had gotten a call from one of the tech guys from Chater Communications and learned of the technical difficulty he had founded yesterday. It was because of a loose connection from the main that knocked out the audio/sound from one channel only. He was relieved to hear that I had sound on my television on the channel I did not have sound on and then I noticed as the night went on that the audio/sound that was now fixed on one channel was fixed on all channels. Talk about goofy! Because of what happened in the past few days, I am just beginning to calm down from all the happenings.

A Very Busy Week

This past week was a very busy week for me. In fact I started my math class at University of Phoenix and I have been busy ever since class started on Tuesday. I have also been busy with other activities that are not even related to class but I can tell you that I have been home very little except to eat and sleep. I do not think I will be sleeping over anywhere too soon as I have been busy. Even my friend KW is taking two classes at Blackhawk Technical College and will be busy with that. At least I will be seeing JW, KW’s husband this coming Tuesday and Thursday, and that will be a treat on top of a treat. It will get me out of my apartment for a while.

Yesterday was a very good day even though it was fairly long at church. We had a good reason to have a busy day at church, though. We had Sabbath School, Worship sevice, and a quick gathering to talk, then we had a memorial service for one of the families who had lost a loved one to throat cancer on August 18th. It was a beautiful service and potluck supper. We had A LOT of food! I could not believe how much food we had!

Today, starting the week really has been a relaxing day for me. Tied up loose ends as far as class is concerned for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow (Monday) ends our first week of class and Tuesday begins the second week. I can tell ylou that I am going to be busy through the next four weeks of Math 208 and Math 209 after this class ends on September 26th. I have very little to worry about at this time.

This past week I thought I had another UTI but it turned out to be, according to the urine analysis, I was clear of any bacteria and infection to indicate an urinary tract infection. When I get them, I end up getting them in time before they reach the transplanted kidney I have had for seventeen years.

Before I go, I would like to apologize for not writing in my journal here as often as I would like. I have been a very busy lady these days. With all that has been going on in my life these days, it has been pretty positive and I am getting away from the negativity that is always around me living where I am at. My next door neighbor in #306 has upset me for the very last time and believe me, I wish not to even talk to her right now. Some people, that is my neighbor, is so selfish and always wanting someone to do things for her instead of her doing her own things in her own life. I do not like people like that anymore. I just wish she would get a life and stop using people until they are breaking their backs to help her out. Even though I do not have proof or wish to find out the truth, I can see her abusing the system as far as the Government is concerned. I do believe she is abusing the system and getting away with it because no one has even thought of doing something about it.

A Quickie

I am not going to be on long here right now as a bath is in the plans in the next few minutes. This weekend has been relaxing and I slept until noon today or practically to noon anyway. My phone has kind of rang off the hook all day long. I had received a phone call from someone I wish would not call so much or try to come over here without asking first. I have my friends and my needs now and this very one person has not been a friend for a very long time. I consider this one person more of an acquaintance more than a friend. My phone does not know when to stop ringing, lol.

I really do not have a whole lot to write about today because of the fact that not a lot of things happened today. I am even surprised that I am on my computer at all right noow being a little after 8:30 p.m. I am just lazy as a couch potato! I did have company come over for a while. That person was my friend Linda. We chatted and watched television together and then she went home to do what she needed to do before she went to bed for the night.

I think I better go for now. Maybe, while I am bathing I will find more to write about but please don’t count on it since I am getting tired. Bye for now.

Strangely, I Thought of Something and For Some Reason, I CAN’T Get It Off My Mind

It is late and I am usually in bed by this time and believe me, I have thought of something and can not get it out of my mind. In other words I am beating myself up about this thought too. It WON’T go away whatsoever, so here I am writing about it in order to get it off my chest before going to bed.

The other day, I believe it was Friday afternoon, I had spoken to my dad about what was going on in my life, my future as a person and the career being an Accountant after I get my degree in school. As we were talking, both Dad and I allowed each other to talk and speak our mind and thoughts. For the first time in a long time I have allowed my dad not to bother me about this or that in my life. I know now he is very supportive and very loving. I never thought of him unloving, but surely enough that is not the problem or will ever be. Anyway, what I am beating myself up about is the fact that I wish my mom and I could have serious talks over the phone more often than what we have had so far in my life – in her life as well. My dad seems to take an interest in my life more so than my own Mom and that scares me a bit. I want to have a closer relationship with my mom but she needs to be responsible for her half. I do love my mother and I know she loves me. She gave me a kidney seventeen years ago and she birthed me thirty-five years ago. Come on! I want a closer relationship with my mom.


Not much going on right now really. Did not go to church today because I am being a woman again. At this time my world is going in circles and going so fast I can not keep up. I begin class again on Tuesday and I am feeling a little restles and tired from being bored. I feel I am locked up in my own apartment hearing noises that I am yet not familiar with and I have lived here ever since March 1998! We have a new neighbor in the apartment across the hall now and she seems nice bu7t I have barely talked to her since she has moved in. I have talked to her at least twice that I remember. I am even feeling that my mind is forgetting this and forgetting that and I feel like hiding someplace away from here but where would I go? With what funds would I escape with? This one thing I do not like about being a woman. Today, being Saturday Sabbath, here I am at home feeling so blah!

No Title Again!

I was hoping to be online ever since my last entry but I have gotten so forgetful and by the time I wanted to really write in my journal another day has gone and passed away so quickly. We have been having such goofy weather lately. YUpdon having to get a new computer and get rid of the old one, I was finally able to get rid of the old this week Tuesday and believe me, the box with the old computer was an eye sore and I was so angry with it dying the way it did. I love my new one very much but I am not used to it yet but I am getting there anyway. With the other computer now gone and being used or dumped by a used computer store, I do have to admit that it is such a beautiful site in my kitchen area. LOL, now I have a used printer to get rid of that I no longer use… That is not so big! Please excuse me if I am complaining here…

Today was a fairly good day. It rained and thundered this morning and my cleaning lady came after 10 a.m. this morning and we got a good start with getting rid of junk in the hallway closet. We filled ten garbage bags of trash and one bag of clothes for Goodwill, and earlier in the evening I took out the garbage in the kitchen waste basket. I am beginning to feel like this apartment of mine is a home and not one big place for clutter and hoarded materials now! I just so much stuff! LOL… Next week my cleaning and I will be doing housecleaning and then in September we will attack the hallway closet some more. All is beginning to shape up here.

Ok eveyone, you might find this strange and I may belong in the nut house but today a couple of friends bought me a baby doll. Her name is Caitlin Marie Karnopp and she was brought home to me today, August 18, 2005. She is a precious little doll! She looks and feels so real! She is only a doll but she is close to the real thing to me and I love her so much. Now I know I belong in the nut house, lol!!!
Caitlin Marie Karnopp (Doll)
Born on August 18, 2005

Well, I better get going. The weather is very iffy right now. I was fortunate to get online for a while today. Bye for now but not forever. Good night and I will write again at my next available time! Love ya!!!!

No Title

Right now I do not know what to title my entry at this time so I titled it “No Title” for the time being. Not much going on right now really. It is sunday afternoon now and I have been awake since 8:45 a.m.. Once my eyes were opened, Emilee Cuddles meowed her sweet “good morning” meow and believe me, I have wanted to go to back to bed for a while but could not rest anymore. Slept well enough I guess.

This weekend is kind of strange as far as the weather is concerned. I wish the weather would make up its mind, believe me!

I know this is very short for the time being, I do need to go for the time.


I have had a very busy day and I am still up and working on my computer. So far everything is up-to-date on my computer yesterday and today. I still have a little enthusiasm problem as far as the “new” computer I have now and believe me, it is getting better. This new computer works so much better than my old one and believe it or not, I have been noticing more now what works well on here that DID NOT work well on my other computer. I am practically disgusted with what happened to my other (dead now) computer. I had to spend money on a new computer and believe it or not it could not wait any longer than it already did, and believe me when I say that I had tried telling my stepfather that there were numerous problems with my now old computer but he did think it was missing dll files that caused my CD ROM to act up and quit. I am not mad at my stepfather because we both thought the same thing but after I found out differently, getting a new computer was cheaper than getting my older computer fixed with the numerous problems it developed throughout its life. I am still disgusted for some reason and in reality I should be happy and not disgusted. Can any of my Dear Diary friends explain my little dilemma? Give it a shot and let me know.

Well, my day today was filled with activity both in and out of the home and I really have been more active these past few days. I hate the idea of being cooped up and in my apartment day in and day out. Today I went to Target and Traxler Park (a park near the hospital), and then I went to Prayer Meeting with my friend/ride PK around 7 p.m.. I am not sunburned or anything but because of my fair skin people can tell I had gotten a little bit of sun today. It doesn’t hurt or anything but I can tell myself that I got a little sun. I do burn easily sometimes, lol. If I did get sunburned today I would say I deserved it because of the fact I DID not use sun screen today.

Well, I should be going now. It is late and it is time for bed and I am getting tired. I will be back tomorrow or Friday as tomorrow we will be having some t-storms and I will not be online or have my computer on at all during t-storms. Bye for now and have a great night.

Another Day Has Come and Gone

Well my friends, another day has come and gone and it just about time for me to go to bed. About a half an hour ago I began to see, feel, and understand that I could not keep my eyes open too much longer. Even though I am retiring to bed for the night just a little bit before midnight, I do have to admit that another day has come and gone and tomorrow is going to be a fairly busy day for me. I really have not had the time to really write much because I have been busy with the last bit of class – class ends on August 15, a week from tomorrow (Tuesday).. I wish I had the time or the energy to write more and get my thoughts written down but I have been yawning a lot lately after the fact that my day has drawn to a close. A week of no class will be a fine little break for me until my math 208 and 209 begin in the last week of August and September – (dates not sure at the moment) – just two math classes back to back in August and September (maybe even October).

Norton Anti-Virus has stopped a trojan virus from affecting or getting onto my computer tonight. I am a very happy person tonight. I have no idea WHY I had Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus before and believe me, I am definitely happy with Norton. I just wonder why people have such a hype over Norton or McAfee these days? I have been learning that it is a personal preference from person to person, individual to individual. I do have to admit that I have made a mistake having Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus on before and I AM HAPPY to have Norton Antivirus on now.

Well my friends, I have to go. My Emilee Cuddles is telling me to go to bed now and I am getting real tired now. Good bye for now…