Today is Wednesday but it sure feels a lot not like a Wednesday, lol. I have had an emotional week due to technical problems with the cable company I associate it with the television. In fact, I had gotten a call from one of the tech guys from Chater Communications and learned of the technical difficulty he had founded yesterday. It was because of a loose connection from the main that knocked out the audio/sound from one channel only. He was relieved to hear that I had sound on my television on the channel I did not have sound on and then I noticed as the night went on that the audio/sound that was now fixed on one channel was fixed on all channels. Talk about goofy! Because of what happened in the past few days, I am just beginning to calm down from all the happenings.

A Very Busy Week

This past week was a very busy week for me. In fact I started my math class at University of Phoenix and I have been busy ever since class started on Tuesday. I have also been busy with other activities that are not even related to class but I can tell you that I have been home very little except to eat and sleep. I do not think I will be sleeping over anywhere too soon as I have been busy. Even my friend KW is taking two classes at Blackhawk Technical College and will be busy with that. At least I will be seeing JW, KW’s husband this coming Tuesday and Thursday, and that will be a treat on top of a treat. It will get me out of my apartment for a while.

Yesterday was a very good day even though it was fairly long at church. We had a good reason to have a busy day at church, though. We had Sabbath School, Worship sevice, and a quick gathering to talk, then we had a memorial service for one of the families who had lost a loved one to throat cancer on August 18th. It was a beautiful service and potluck supper. We had A LOT of food! I could not believe how much food we had!

Today, starting the week really has been a relaxing day for me. Tied up loose ends as far as class is concerned for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow (Monday) ends our first week of class and Tuesday begins the second week. I can tell ylou that I am going to be busy through the next four weeks of Math 208 and Math 209 after this class ends on September 26th. I have very little to worry about at this time.

This past week I thought I had another UTI but it turned out to be, according to the urine analysis, I was clear of any bacteria and infection to indicate an urinary tract infection. When I get them, I end up getting them in time before they reach the transplanted kidney I have had for seventeen years.

Before I go, I would like to apologize for not writing in my journal here as often as I would like. I have been a very busy lady these days. With all that has been going on in my life these days, it has been pretty positive and I am getting away from the negativity that is always around me living where I am at. My next door neighbor in #306 has upset me for the very last time and believe me, I wish not to even talk to her right now. Some people, that is my neighbor, is so selfish and always wanting someone to do things for her instead of her doing her own things in her own life. I do not like people like that anymore. I just wish she would get a life and stop using people until they are breaking their backs to help her out. Even though I do not have proof or wish to find out the truth, I can see her abusing the system as far as the Government is concerned. I do believe she is abusing the system and getting away with it because no one has even thought of doing something about it.