It has been a long time since I wrote in my diary but today is one of those days I have plenty of time to write a quick entry. I have a lot of things to write about and share but time is one of the major factors of me not writing ihere or in my One Year Diary I have created some time back. I feel so foolish for not even taking even a couple of minutes to write. I can not no longer promise if I will write my thoughts. I have been so busy with school, friends, and my personal life. In fact, I am at a friend’s apartment right now just to get away from my apartment building before I got corraled into helping a neighbor for any length of time. My friend, who is KW, invited me over to her apartment this morning so later we can go to another friend’s birthday party here at my friend’s building. At the present time I am having fun being away from my place. Emilee Cuddlees is having a field day being by herself, and believe it or not, she might be mad at me, LOL

Anyway, I have a lot to say. So much time has passed since I last wrote, and there have been some changes in my life and my world, that it’s amazing. For two weeks, as of tomorrow (Wednesday), I have been on a medicine called Trazodone to help me sleep and at the same time it is helping my emotions. I am a little more calmer these days, even though at the moment I am dealing with some emotional heat regarding two people who live at KW’s building. Honestly people in such places as TM and GC have to grow up and grow up in a major sense.

What is the heat about? One of the changes in my life is the color of my hair. I am no longer blonde. I now have the color medium reddish brown as my hear color. I love it so much myself, and I have had many comments about it that are good. I did have one comment that put me into some emotional anger. The comment was “looks different”. I said, “thank you and I love it, too” and then she made a comment that was snotty and unkind saying, “I did not say I liked it.” It really bothered me. Then, another tenant of GC’s was walking into the building and she just gave me a look of anger and did not even speak a word. This past Thursday this tenant was talking to KW over the phone, and all KW told her was the fact that I fixed KW’s web page and all this tenant could say “what the h*** is she doing on your computer.” That really bothered me.

So much has happened.

One Day That Just Did Not Need to Happen!

Today was not a terrible day but something happened that just did not need to happen to a friend of mine toay. Especially today. My friend JT has had a seeing eye dog for a long time, but today was not good for her or her seeing eye dog at all. Her seeing eye dog, Fred, had to be put to sleep because he was so sick with cancer. It was a bad eevning for JT and her friends who all knew Fred. Fred’s cancer was so far that it just was not treatable at all. I was gone tonight, at my friend KW’s to be with other friends who were all sad about Fred’s passing tonight. Having to put an animal to sleep is sad and not wanting an animal to suffer, I still felt bad for my friend JT tonight. This week has been not good for her at all. It was just not good at all. The last time I saw Fred was Friday night when I had spent the night at KW’s and all of our friends were there having a good time chatting and talking, and trying to have a good time. Fred, at that time, was feeling fine, but after hearing about him tonight, I felt horrible because he was not good at all. I know JT would have not wanted Fred to suffer, but it was hard to even think of Fred being gone…even now, a few hours later after his death.

A Late Entry

Again, it has been awhile since I wrote in my journal here but I have been very busy. I was even busy as a bee when I had a week off of school. It makes me happy, even though it is late, to be here writing an entry before retiring for the night. I started my second class at University of Phoenix online on the 10th of March, and I am finding myself very busy with reading, writing, and studying, Even last night I submitted my first paper to the instructor for homework due today. I even began working on getting information from my textbooks and readings for my second paper which is due the second week, which starts on Thursday morning. I am so glad that I don’t have a lot of appointments this week because I need to conocentrate on my school work for MGT330. I am just happy to be here at 12:30 in the morning this Monday late hour. I am not even tired yet and no nap was taken. I felt, since I slept in until 11:30 this morning, no nap was needed or required. Right now my favorite Recess cartoon is on. Yes, I love these silly cartoons a lot.

I have so much to say…so here I go…then off to bed if there is such a thing, lol.

The Neighbor Across the Hall
I am so happy to announce, which was founded on Friday morning while talking to the manager, that the neighbor across the hall has been asked to move out. So by the wnd of the month, we are not going to have this annoying neighbor bothering us here anymore. No more noise to deal with after the month. I am so glad. I can literally see my sleeping patterns come back and be normal again, FINALLY. I will be able to sleep in my bedroom again. This neighbor is going to be out of here and I am not the only neighbor in here who is happy to see her go, believe me. I have been waiting for a long time to see this neighbor go since she had begun her sweet revenge of foul words and behavior towards people by saying that we were lying and she wasn’t. From talking to the manager on Friday, I asked her if the neighbor’s social worker believed us around her, the manager assured me that the social worker believed us and knows of the neighbor’s lying problem. I was relieved of that, believe me. Being called a b**** twice and being talked about behind my back, I would never lie about something like that! NEVER! The manager was appalled at what I was called by this neighbor and did tell this neighbor’s social worker and I was relieved of the pressures of the neighbor. I cannot waot until the neighbor becomes a former neighbor and I live a peaceful life without feeling like I am being watched or listened to, and the fear of this neighbor subsides after she is GONE! Thank goodness, my peaceful life will return as well as my fifteen year old cat’s peace returns. What the neighbor has done to Emilee’s emotions is a different story I’m afraid, and it is not pleasant either. I can say this, though, Emilee is skitterish around this neighbor when she hears her voice and at night and during the day, she looks at the door to hear all the noises on the other side – noises I don’t hear myself. Both Emilee and I are having a peace return.

Time to say goodnight
I am going to go to bed now. Good night everyone!

A Quickie

Last night around midnight it started storming! It rained, thundered, and lightning fkashed, It was a horrible sight! The lightning came quick and bright, and it scared me and Emilee until we both fell asleep in our beds, I do not think it even looked pretty. Because I did not sleep well, I have been sleeping in and out all day long since I woke up at 7:30 a.m. I am still tired at 4:30 p.m. Sleep will not come easy tonight…I don’t think so anyway.

The Need of a Peaceful Life

I am sick and tired of hearing the neighbor’s voice acorss the hall. I am frghtened of her when I see her in person when we run into each other in the hallway or out in public. Emilee is frightened of the neighbor’s voice and wants to be near me constantly throughout the day from time to time, and the peace in my own place has been or seems to have been violated. I am also sick and tired of writing such negativity in my own diary regarding the noisy neighbor, but where in the world is my thoughts and feelings going to go? I want to be happy living here where I live again. My peaceful world has been shattered to the point that my nerves have driven me to a point that I jump at the slightest sound or movement I see in the corner of my eye now. I feel I am going crazy and do not know what else to do but eat, sleep, go shopping and being with friends, and stuck in a book or watching the “boob toob” television. This is not the life I want to live, believe me. Even when I am doing my stuff online, I can not concentrate very well when noises from the neighbor happen day in and day out. I wish this neighbor was gone and would leave us alone instead of sounding threatening and horrible while she is living here. Even the other day I was speaking to a dear friend of mine about the neighbor’s actions and outbursts, we have come to one possible realization. That realization is this…opinion only… The neighbor is a Jehovah’s Witnesses and because she can not go door to door to share her beliefs with other tenants (tenants have complained) and I quit studying with her, she has become very angry and her actions and words are just opposite of a Christian woman. My thoughts, although opinion only, seem to be understood but my feelings are still hurt by this neighboor’s actions and harsh, unkind words, still linger in my ears from time to time. She just does not listen to the people around her or follow the rules of the apartment comolex. Yes, we have rules here and I do not care for them, but I do follow them and do my best as a tenant should. My world seems to be not quiet here right now. I have to have a fan running at night to block out noises outside and from the neighbor, and I do not sleep well at night every night either due to medication. I am so glad that my world is not always topsy turvy…

Positive & Negative

It is Sunday morning and the afternoon is soon to arrive upon me. I have been very busy since school has let out for the week. I can not wait until I get bnck to school this comimg Thursday. There has been little boredom since I have been keeping myself busy away and at home at the same time. Anyway, today is one of those days a lot of thinking has come into play regarding one particular matter in my life…the neighbor across the hall. As I said before, she has not moved out like many of us tennnts personally wished, but she is on the way out the way things have been going on around here. She still makes noise at night and denies everything around her, and her anger that she has ben harboring has gotten worse. Her silence when we meet in the hallways is scary as well. I have a fifteen year old cat here now and she is totally frightened of this neighbor’s voice and actions even though the neighbor is in her own place! I don’t want my cat to have a nervous breakdown or even a heart attack because of the neighbor!!! Emilee’s health may be very good for her age, but I have experienced her shaking with fear and meowing with displeasure of the world outside the other door. Emilee does not bolt out the door like she used to, either. She just moseys on out, my dear little girl! LOL

I Have A Lot To Say Tonight

The Neighbor
The knowledge of the neighbor across the hall moving out was not true after all. She did not move out and she is still across the hall. The noise from this particular neighbor has somewhat dwindled down to a bearable noise but she still does make noise. Today, of all days, around 5 p.m., I was watching television and eating supper when I heard the neighbor talking loudly in her apartment, either on the phone to someone, or talking to herself. She does this alot at 4 and 5 in the morning every now and then.

The Last Day of Class
Today was the last day of class. I cannot believe that five weeks has come and gone so quickly. It is amazing. I now have a week off before class another class begins and I am looking forward to this little break to breathe, relax, and get caught up on a lot of things online and at home. I succeeded with good grades in class and I plan to continue from this day forward regarding my education. All is good in the school/education department right now.

<The Past Month
Since January 27th, when class began and ended today, I have become fond of my next door neighbor MAY (initials of f, m, l name). MAY and I have been spending a lot of time together away and at her place chatting and enjoying each other’s company. It has been a fine month and I loved her company during the first monoth of our friendship. MAY is a very nice person. I have made a new friend in the building and MAY has lived here longer than me! It pays to get to know someone, doesn’t it? LOL

I have a lot more to say but I need to go for the night. Now with school on break for a week, I am going to be back later (tomorrow) or in a day or too. I am on a break now and can write more. There is so much for me to write about. I have a lot of updates to write about.