I believe She is Gone Now

I had gotten a knock on my door earlier today and it was my neighbor and friend Linda saying that the neighbor across the hall has moved out. I do not know if I can consider this news just yet but since I have heard the news, I have not a sound from across the hall or in the hallway itself. I will soon learn of the truth in the nezt several days. I do believe Linda is telling the truth because of what she overheard while shw was out in the hallway on the first floor. I am beginning to wonder now if that was the reason why the neighbor across the hall had asked for her Bible back. Now there is going to be peace here on this floor? I do know that the neighbors, other than me, were pretty much at their wits end from the noise the neighbor made in her place. If she is gone, no more sleepless nights in my place anymore! YEAH!

I Thought I Would Get One In Before I Lost Another Day

On Thursday night I went to the emergency room because I couldn’t take the pain was getting while going to the bathroom. Learning that I had a small UTI, I was checked for the severity of it and treated. The treatment will be done tomorrow night by 10 p.m..

Other than that, school has been going super. I have been getting good grades and believe me, I just an working very hard at what I do best — even on my worst days. Had a couple of real bad days since class began but doing great otherwise.

I wish I could sit here for a longer time to write in my thoughts but right now I just don’t have a whole lot to say. Kind of quiet and lazy mainly but hopefully on the talkative side later on tonight. I plan to return tonight sometime. I have some thoughts that need to be written and brought in the open anyway.

What Has Been Bothering Me The Most Lately

I really do not know what to say right now. I am bothered by something that is just driving me bananas right now. My heart still aches at the idea of a person who I thought was a friend and turned out quite the opposite. I had to walk away from a friendship because of the hurt I had experienced and my heart still feels that ache I wish I didn’t have to deal with right now. Things are just going in the right direction for me and I am not going to allow this hurt get to me so badly that I give up on what I have accomplished this past four weekk in my academics at University of Phoenix. I do not hide hurt very well and this weekend Friday night at my friend’s house that ache happened all over again. I personally do not like to see my friends hurting because of someone’s stupidity and immaturity as well. The ache and hurt seems to have no end right this minute in life. I believe that this one person I had walked away from loves conflict and the attention she really does not deserve when things go off even the slightest bit. I am upset indeed because of the fact this so-called friend would never come to me if we ever had a problem with each other. Instead she would get my best friend involved and things would seem to have no resolution for any length of time. I do not feel I can ever trust thiis one person any longer. I have my friends and my family and my life to deal with and believe me, I have plenty of support from true friends.

What’s On My Mind Tonight at This Time?

It is after midnight and I cannot go to bed without writing what is pressing so hard on my mind at this moment. As a matter of fact, I have been wanting to write about this since a week ago Thursday when my mind was made up to walk away from a friendship relatioonship between me and this one friend I have known for about three years. It does pain my hear to have done this but if I didn’t walk away, I would have been walking on eggshells and my emotions would be al messed up, and honestly walking on eggshells is not needed. I have a wonderful personal life that involves schooling, good neighbors and friends, and family. My personal life is filled with chaos often enough that getting rid of some chaotic issues would help a lot.

I had to walk away from a friendship because of maturity and hehavior that I do not condone. In fact, I did not ever grow up with immaturity and behavior I have personally experienced with this specific friend I had to walk away from. Do I feel guilty walking away from this friend? No, but it did pain my heart to make such a very important decision. I do not like my friends being hurt by people who claim to be friends over and over and over again. Yes, I have very good friends who have been hurt over and over by this one person I had to walk away from. As a matter of fact, I have been hurt over and over and over again by this person to the point that tears have been shed and words have been exhanged, and we made up over and over again. No matter how many times our friendship was mended, the hurt happened all over again and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I walked away from a friendship that just was not a friendship at all in the real world. My so-called friend has a lot of growing up and behavior issues to work on before I can ever trust this person again. This trust has been misplaced and totally lost waiting to be found again some other place by some other two people.

I need to go to bed – I will write more later.

Giving A Few Minutes

Valentine’s Day seemed different this year. Very different actually. I watched very little television today because of all the lovey dovey stuff that was on. It got kind of too mushy for me today. Right now I have nothing on except my fan on for noise and my computer up and running. Even though Valentine’s seemed different to me, I did wish my friends a Happy Valentine’s Day because I do love my friends very much.

Tonight I watched 7th Heaven with a neighbor next door and it was a different show tonight. The actors and actresses sang. That was different – very dfiferent but good. It was a Valentine’s Day program and with Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, it worked out great. The twins in the show had a birthday as well and Lucy and Kevin Kenkirk had their daughter Savannah for the special day.

It seemed that my education is so important to me.


I feel I am playing catch up here right now. It has been a while since I wrote in my diary here because I have been so busy. I have even been limited to reading other diary entries of my friends. Anyway, I have an update on things and believe me, I have a lot to say today. I do not even know what I would title this entry for one, lol, but that’s ok, because there is so much needed to be said.

School has been going great! In fact, I realy enjoy the online status of classes more than going to a lecture or classroom now that I have experienced both. I am in the third week of class now and it is going smoothly. I do have to admit, even though I have attended class online everyday, I have run into a couple of days of emotion and anxiety that has hindered some of my time online at school but still attended daily. School is going great and I just LOVE it!

Neighbor update…
The neighbor who lives across the hallway from me still lives here. She was not evicted like I thought she was and according to the manager, she thought she was going to have to move as well, but the neighbor is still here. She has not been the most favorite neighbor for many of us here on the third floor. Even I have been avoiding her as much as possible and I have run into her in the hall more than once while I was leaving and so on. She has become a very unpleasant person in language as well. Every time I hear her voice, which is loud and unclear, I get so nervous and shaky. She has called me a bad word twice and I found that very unfavorable in my eyes as she confesses to be a Christian woman. I personally wish she would move out and leave us all alone! as a matter of fact, I can hear her voice from her apartment into my own place right this minute. That is how loud she is! WOW! We do have thin walls here!!

Ever since I have been back from New Mexico for the Christmas holiday I have been sleeping better. I have had a few nights of discomfort and sleeplessness but not often. I have been sleeping good. A couple of weeks ago I took down my couch in the living room and made it a bed. I have been sleeping there or in my bedroom pretty well. Now I have two beds, lol!!!!

For Now
For now I have to run.


WOW! What a day this is. I am not home right now. I am a friend’s house today until 5 p.m.. My friend JW is not feeling well so he is home from work today. He is feeling better but he wasn’t yesterday. His wife and I are just making sure he gets better before going back to work tomorrow. Not much going on rigiht now but I can tell you that it has been very busy since 7 a.m. I actually slept the entire night and did not feel so tired when I woke up this morning, but how in the world did I not hear the phone when KW called before I woke up. I must have been in a deep sleep. I will have to write more. Gotta go.

No Intentions of Being A Stranger Here

WOW! It has been a while since I have taken the time to write here. I am here tonight to let everyone know I am doing fine and doing well in school. A lot of work is involved in going to school online but it is worth the time and the hard work, and late nights. Tonight is not going to be a late night, though. I am retiring earlier than I usually do because I am, for a change, tired and ready for bed. I have plans to be with a friend all day tomorrow. I am excited about that. I have been sleeping fine, just not all the hours I wish lately, but doing fine. School has been a joy and I am not really excited for the five weeks to end just yet, and I am in my third week of my first class right now. It is so fun1 I have been very busy, but no intention of being a stranger here.

Today was one of those days. I attended class, yes, but I was so tired and out of it all day long. Around 7 p.m. or so, I had found out why. I hate being a woman from time to time! I hate having such changes each month! It is just too much for me every month! I am ok, just hormones are raging. I felt like napping all day long and believe me, I did not want to. I sat here on my computer to do school work as much as I was able to. What a day today, but that does not tell you what happened on Monday when my emotions began to go off to another world beyond my understanding. Monday was not the greatest day for me either. I was so excited about seeing someone on Monday at 9 a.m. and it turned out afterwards that it just felt like why did I bother with such an appointment. I am off in school and doing my hardest and I won’t give up for anyone and for myself and I felt that I had walked into something that was out of my control. I wanted to scream, cry, but instead I just sat there feeling numb to the whole thing not understanding anything that was being explained to me. It was a horrible day for me, but I managed just fine regarding school. But that was not just the only thing that was off. I even had hung up on a good friend and that really hurt her feelings. When I was told this, I immediately thought about something — an apology to this dear friend — which did happen after I had gotten home and relaxed a bit. I HATE HORMONAL CHANGES! Sorry guys! LOL

Today was not at all a bad day.