Where Did the Month Go?

I cannot express my surprise regarding the month of January coming and going right now. So much has happened this month that I can not recall everything that has happened. I guess that is a part of life as you get older and wiser, and mature. What has happened this month has proven a lot of growth and revisiting some things that need work on yet in my life. It is not easy being me sometimes. Now with Feberuary on its way, it is amazing how the year has begun and already in the second month of the year 2005, and believe me, 2005 is definitely here.


Well my friends, I have been very busy once again. I have started school this past Thursday morning and early afternoon. I have been working on assignments since the minute I got them and believe me I am gld to be almost done with everything this week. I can now, around 6 p, take the time to relax and watch a little television. I do apologize for not writing as much as I have in the pst but now with school underway, I will be concentrating on that and writing here as often as I can. I will also be readiing diary entries from time to time as well. I will write again real soon, I promise.


I do not know what to title this entry (again). I just looked at the time and cannot believe that it is going on 11 p.m. in Wisconsin now. I try to go to bed and lay down but that did not work for very long. I began my GEN300 class at University of Phoenix online today. Sounds like I have a real nice instructor for the class. It took my counselor and I a while to take care of the online stuff to make Outlook Express work for me but we finally got it working properly with tech support taking us through it. I was glad to get my first day out of the way. In fact, I am disappointed because the day is drawing to a close and tomorrow is soon to obe here. I really enjoyed my first day of class. I SHOULD BE IN BED RIGHT NOW – That is what I am going to title this entry, lol. Ok…here it goes.

Today, January 24, 2005

Today was not a bad day at all. The temperature was cold but not a bitter cold – thankfully. I had my counseling appointment at 1 p.m. and then met a friend at her place to help her with her computer. My friend wanted me to help her download something onto her computer and get it up and running. Afterwards I was going to meet another friend at the bus depot downtown but we ended up missing each other and coming home at different times. Helping my friend with the computer took a little longer than I expected but it was no big deal. I was glad to help my friend with her computer. I just wonder if I was helping than hindering. I am okay emotionally now. I sure did not feel okay emotionally a while ago. I thought I had gone crazy!

Let me tell you about my counseling appointment. It went well. Getting there was kind of hard due to all the snow and slush, and some icy patches. When I finally got there, I was happy to be in a safe place for the hour. My counselor and I talked about me going back to school and trying a different avenue and method of study, and how hard Accounting is. We also talked about my trip to New Mexico that happened for the Christmas holiday. Our main talk was about school, though. The appointment went very quickly.

I am, now, after 5 p.m., glad to be home safe and warm, and in my apartment. I had to get out of my wet jeans and stuff as soon as I got home because trying to get through a snow bank took me almost a half an hour. After having my tailbone bruised from a fall due to the fact that a snow bank was right on the sidewalk and I fell backwards, hitting my tailbone, I was not going to take anymore chances of getting hurt again. The thought, which was definitely on my mind on Thursday, of filing a claim against the corner gas station was definitely a possibility if something was not done right away. I was so angry and feeling the bruised tailbone’s after affects. I was so very disgusted with the corner gas station – Phillips 66!

Now with time going to be Tuesday morning in a few minutes, it is time for me to go to bed. Emilee Cuddles is waiting patiently for me and I promised to be in bed in a few minutes and with no arguments. I am going to say good night and God bless and be back Tuesday sometime.

Last Entry of the Day — Before Going to Bed

Bedtime isi soon to arrive. This week I have a lot of things to do but yet a break to do my own thing and relax. Right now I am watching a television program called Missing. It was on from 9 to 10 and 10 to 11 p.m. tonight. It is a real good program but somewhat scary. I am doing fine. I have been reading throughout the day a good book written by John Grisham, The street Lawyer. It is very good. He, John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark are my favorite authors to read and now i am reading John Grisham. I am excited to get the book read and begin reading The Last Juror. I am such a reader and a television watcher these days bht coming this Thursday, I am going to be hitting the books again and studying towards my Accounting degree i have been working so hard to get for the past three years. I am excited about school beginning on the 27th.

I have lost all the feeling of not wanting to talk now. I am bouncing back to myself happy and smiling. Last week was one week that was pretty emotionl but I am bouncing back now. I wish I could say what happened but I do not want to because it is very personal and I do not want to hurt others who were involved in my emotional week. I can say this, though…I am glad it is over nowo and all of us are moving on and in good standing with each other. Hurt is no fun!

Believe This…

I cam mot believe how fast this day went. All I did was take a quick bath, read,watch television, answer my door to a couple of tenants, take a nap, and take phone calls. I didn’t get online much today for some reason. My computer did not interest me but only twice. What a life I lived today. A fairly lazy one. I sitl do not know what to think of this in my mind. I am ok, though. Maybe I am not very talkative. I know that I was not very talkative here for a couple of days. Still do not have a lot to say even tonight after 9 p.m. Sunday evening. I am closed into my own world right now even thoough nothing is wrong here at the moment in time. I do have a slight headache from napping too long. I do not feel 100% for some reason. I am going to go and cuddle with Emilee Cuddles and my body pillow I got from KAW for Christmas, and watch television. I am going to say good night now and hopefully come back tomorrow more talkatiive.

The Last Couple of Days

The last couple of days I have been not so talkative or busy. I have a bruised tailbone from falling backwards off a snowbank while getting to the bus to go to my friends’ house for tne day and night. I have experienced emotion all week — both good and not so good but I am having a good day today. Let me put it this way. There was mixed emotion one minute to the next. I can admit that life does have its ups and down but this week was one rollercoaster ride! I am fine now. I just cannot talk about it because it is now in the past and I am not wanting to dwell on the not so good emotions I dealt with! I can admit that the bad emotions I experienced was because feelings were hurt and I was the one person who should have more cleer in a matter because a friend was hurt emotionally.

Still Up But Going To Bed In A Few

I am still up, yes, but bed is coming closer. I will be retiring after I write my entry. I am tired indeed. In fact I have a good reason for being real tird right now, too, but I cannot say here because it is something personal and anyway that personal thing was taken care of before bedtime anyway. I do have to admit one thing though…I would not have gone to bed upset or angry at anyone anyway. I do not sleep well with an angry mind, believe it or not. I am just glad that my personal matter was taken care of and things are smoothed out now…at least I hope so.

I am so used to the cartoon called Recess on at midnight but it is on at 12:30 a.m. tonight. I am in no interest of watching it right now. I am ready for bed now anyway. Emilee Cuddles is waiting patiently at the foot of the couch for me to go to bed in my room anyway. What a patient cat she has been. A very good, cute, sweet, loving little girl! Believe me…not a bad girl at all.

I do intend to be back later today. Right now I am off to bed. Sleep well my friends!

Not sure what to title this entry, I decided to leave it blank for now. Not a whole is going on right now really. Being that it is Martin Luther King Jr Day, I have been watching movies related to this day, The Proud Family Mibi=a-thon, an looking all over the internet about this and that related to those who made a change in many lives like MLK Jr. I watched a movie this morning starring Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek called The Long Walk Home. It was about a lady, named Odessa (played by Whoopi), who was involved with the boycott of Blacks who would not ride the buses because they had to sit at the back of the bus. I was touched by the movie. Then, I began watching a movie with Julia Stiles, Jerry O’Connor, and Bill Smithovich (sp?) called The 60’s. I decided, since it was a longer moviie to record it for later to watch it at another time. I got the idea of the movie to some degree but missed bits and pieces for other reasons. I am going to wait and watch it later tonight. I do not have anything going on until Wednesday anyway, lol.

Anyway, with this being MLK Jr Day, my Credit Union was not open today so KAW and I made plans to get togteher Wednesday morning after my dr’s appointment. No biggie really…she has been sick for a few days with some viral infection and is on antibiotics now anyway. She says she is feeling better
today…thankfully. We have been planning on getting together for several days now and we are not giving up now1 We wouldn’t dare reall

I personally do not think this is the only entry I am going to be writing for the day, but yet I am not sure. I am ok..just busy and a lot of things on my mind this day. I am talking about this day being what it is, school on the 27th, and the neighbor across the hallway, my peace of mind in my own place, and what I am looking forward to on Wednesday with my friend KAW for the day.